3 Reasons Wireless Charging Is Good for Your Batteries

Is wireless charging really better for batteries as advertised? Find out the benefits of wireless charging in this article.
wireless charging

Among the different innovations that have taken place over the past few decades in modern technology, wireless charging continues to amaze millions of Australians.

Although it may seem simple compared to other pieces of technology that you might have at home, rechargeables are every bit as amazing as they were during their first release. Whether you like to keep your TV remotes fully functional or save the environment one recharge at a time, getting a wireless charger for your batteries is a worthy investment.

However, with all this talk about wireless charging and how widely-available it is today, there’s one question that will come to mind: “Is it really better for batteries as advertised?”

Is wireless the way for your batteries?

As you sift through Chargeasap’s online store and search around for an option that best suits your needs, you’ll quickly notice that claims of being better for batteries often accompany wireless charging products. 

While the systems in question may be undeniably great for the environment and your conservation efforts, the impact they have on the overall health of a battery isn’t as straightforward as it seems. However, you’d probably be pleasantly surprised to know that wireless charging is as good for battery health as advertised—and here are some benefits to prove it: 

Benefit #1: They help extend the overall lifespan of a battery

One of the most significant advancements that rechargeable technology has made in recent years is that it is now easier to improve a battery’s overall lifespan.

Compared to older iterations that couldn’t control the level of electricity that a set of batteries gets when put into a charging port, today’s products are capable of applying controlled voltages—making it easier to maintain optimal battery health. In fact, wireless chargers can help batteries maintain longer lifespans better when they are recharged mid-drain

Benefit #2: They help improve the overall performance of a battery

Another reason Australians are constantly investing in wireless charging systems for their homes is that they go a long way towards helping increase batteries performance.

When a battery is constantly topped up with the help of a recharge, its health is constantly being maintained at the highest levels possible, similar to how your body would be like if you regularly ate veggies. Once you start using a wireless charging system, you won’t have to worry about having them fail or perform worse over time because maintaining this practice will:

  • Improve your battery’s ability to hold a charge
  • Lengthen the amount of time you can use a battery for any appliance you might have
  • Boost the overall performance of your batteries so that the appliances they go into will perform better without any stalling or stuttering

Benefit #3: They bring back convenience to the way you use batteries

Opting for rechargeable systems for your batteries will be best for their lifespan because you’ll have a much more convenient experience when using them.

Although the two factors may not seem interlinked, having more convenience with your batteries means that you can use them as they were designed to be used. Instead of waiting an entire day and draining your batteries to zero because you didn’t have a convenient solution on you, a wireless charging system will make it much easier to keep them topped up!


While wireless battery chargers may seem like no more than a commodity, the truth is that they’re far more revolutionary, especially when it comes to the difference they make in the lifespan of your rechargeables. Once you start investing in the right solutions for your home, you’ll be able to feel a considerable difference in the way your appliances work while improving the lifespan and performance of your batteries!

From GaN chargers to graphene batteries, we provide users worldwide with the best and most innovative supply for any device’s charging needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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