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Phone Chargers

The best way to ensure your device’s battery never runs low again!

Smartphones, IPhones, Laptops and devices such as tablets now play an integral and consistent part of our daily lives, and we need them ON at all times. But with this heavy reliance, we begin to experience what we at Chargeasap fear the most - battery drainage. 

While modern smartphones now have a longer battery life than what we’ve seen in the past, the demand we put on them throughout the day can leave us with dead devices before the day is even over. Having a reliable and good-quality mobile charger handy can lessen the number of times you need to recharge and give you peace of mind when you are in need of a quick top-up on the go, at an important event or working.

There are plenty of chargers on the market, but not all of them perform the same. While standard phone chargers that come boxed with your phone do the trick, they aren’t necessarily the best or even have a good life expectancy.

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With a quality phone charger, you can do away with all your other device chargers and experience super-fast charging that is also safe for your phone - saving you time, money and low battery stress! 

Are your phone chargers available worldwide?

Don’t ever worry about ‘low battery’ ever again, because all Chargeasap phone chargers are available to be shipped worldwide!

We work closely with the most reliable international and domestic couriers to ensure your phone charger gets to you safely and in its original, superb condition. 

We ship worldwide for a flat-rate fee of $9 on all orders less than $99. For more international shipping info, click here

How long will it take for me to receive my phone charger?

Once we receive your order, we will then have it processed within 1-2 days. You will also receive a tracking number within 4 business days so that you know exactly where your phone charger is and when it will be arriving.

All shipments are sent out from our warehouse in Hong Kong. Please keep this in mind if you are ordering from overseas. Since our packages are shipped through several couriers and carriers, your shipping time may vary depending on where it is being sent to.

Orders typically take 5-15 business days to reach international destinations, but it can be longer or shorter depending on current shipping restrictions. If you haven’t received your phone charger after 6 weeks of placing your order, then contact us and we will chase it up for you. 

What device are our chargers compatible with?

Chargeasap provides chargers for every device! Whether you’re in need of an iPhone charger or Samsung charger cable or even requiring a universal charger that can charge multiple devices at the same time - we have you covered!

We have a range of USB-C and USB-A chargers that can be used on most major brands and devices including:

  • - Laptops and Macbooks (including MacBook Pro)
  • iPhone and iPhone fast chargers, Samsung (including Samsung S8 charger and Qi Fast Charging for Galaxy Note 8/S8 Plus/S7/S7 Edge/S6 Edge Plus)
  • Huawei
  • Apple Watch, AirPods 
  • Wireless headphones
  • Tablets, iPads

For your convenience, you can find under each product listed on our website description of the charger and its compatible devices. If you’re still unsure whether a charger will work with your specific device, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Happiness Team and we can help direct you.

What are the different types of phone chargers?

At ChargeASAP we have different phone chargers for all purposes. Whether you’re looking for a phone charger cable or a portable battery bank. Chargeasap really has all your battery needs covered! You can find:

When it comes to charging your phone or device, you need a charger that does what it’s intended to do. Here at Chargeasap, we supply only the best mobile chargers that have been quality tested and proven to deliver a fast charge anytime, every time.