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Magnetic Charging Cables

Convenience and compatibility with any device!

What’s more annoying than a phone with a flat battery? Here at Chargeasap, we understand that your smartphone is an integral component of your daily life. That’s why we offer the best charging solutions in the world to keep your device powered-up and running anytime, anywhere!

One of the best phone chargers on the market is relatively new yet set to change the way you charge. The magnetic charging cable is not like your run-of-the-mill phone charger. While its function is the same, it offers way more convenience and durability with its anti-breakage magnetic cable and military-grade aluminium shielding.

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Are magnetic charging cables good?

Magnetic charging cables are not only good - they’re revolutionary! The most crowdfunded cable in history, our magnetic charging cables continue to cement us as industry leaders. These universal charging cables are changing the industry. No more snagging or fraying, no more risk of damage to your device, and no more having to source multiple chargers for multiple devices.

These innovative cables are as aesthetically pleasing as they are innovative. Unlike traditional charging cables, our magnetic chargers consist of both a charger head and cable bridged together by a magnet. This allows the detachable head to stay connected to your device no matter what.

It’s a common problem with traditional chargers - the cable and where it connects to the head can become bent, frayed, or brittle resulting in a faulty charger and possible damage to your device.

By using a magnetic charging cable your device’s internal charging pins are protected from denting or being dirtied and wet. What’s more, the actual cable is break-proof. This makes on-the-go charging or carrying a cable in your backpack or luggage that much easier and safer.

The benefits of a magnetic charging cable include:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Fast-charging
  • Cross-compatibility
  • Convenience

Choosing a universal USB-charger cable means that you can get rid of all your other flimsy, weak and unreliable charging cables and replace them with just a single charger that is guaranteed to withstand daily charging and wear & tear. In fact, we believe we’ve designed a magnetic cable to last longer than 10 years!

What is the best magnetic charging cable?

The best magnetic charging cables are the ones that are built with the strongest materials and come with cross-compatibility.

People invest a huge amount of money on their devices these days, so it’s vital to choose charging accessories that are reliable, durable, and compatible with any device. Compatibility is one of the most decisive factors when choosing the best magnetic charger since it isn’t practical to be carrying around multiple chargers for every device anymore. That’s why our magnetic charging cables can charge USB C and Apple Lightning devices with the same cable, even allowing for the transfer of data between devices. Our asap X-Connect, UNO, and Infinity cables feature extensive compatibility across multiple devices and all major brands of phones, tablets, mini cameras, speakers, headphones, and other USB devices.

When it comes to durability, a USB universal charger is among the strongest. When choosing the best magnetic charger you want a cable that can withstand hundreds of plug-ins, that doesn’t snag, twist, or fray, that can be transported easily, and that keeps your device protected. Our magnetic charging cables come with an anti-fray cord wrap and military-grade aluminium shielding to withstand all elements.

Are magnetic chargers bad for your phone?

Many people are concerned that the magnets in the charging cords could have the potential to harm their devices. The good news - magnetic chargers are completely safe!

Our magnetic charger cord is designed to promote a longer life for your device.

Modern smartphones and laptops use SDD’s and other solid-state components, meaning there is no risk of the magnets interfering with the operation of your device. These newer cables utilize a very small magnet that doesn’t have excessively strong magnetic capabilities. So you can rest assured that your device is safe when using a magnetic charger.

At Chargeasap, we have performed over 100 hours of candid user-testing that revealed all our magnetic charging cables are safe for daily use and do not interfere with GPS services or any other navigational functions. Our chargers are also backed up with a warranty!

What is a magnetic USB cable?

A magnetic USB cable makes charging easy! Unlike traditional charging cables (you know, the ones that become twisted and have you spending more time getting the knot out than actually charging your phone) magnetic USB cables are a strong rope like cable consisting of neodymium magnets and military-grade nylon. Because the magnets have their polarity perfectly positioned to the connector, a magnetic USB cable connects the right way, every time. No more fumbling around in the dark or trying to line up the charging head with your device. With a magnetic cable, you get an instant connection with minimum fuss and disruption.

Magnetic USB cables are next-level functionality. They feature an LED indicator to let you know when your device has been connected and is charging, and are temperature resistant. Our cables feature 9T plastic material vs the standard LCP plastic. The result? A cable and charging head that is cool to touch and less likely to be worn out by heat over time.

Our magnetic USB cables are USB-A and USB-C compatible, allowing compatibility across all devices. Our Infinity cable is the world’s first magnetic charging cable that can charge both your smartphone and laptop.

Not only are magnetic USB cables good to look at, but they’re also capable of adding an extra layer of protection that other cables fail to do. In fact, our magnetic cables are so durable that they may even be the last cable you ever buy!

How do magnetic charging cables work?

A magnetic charging cable works in a similar way to a traditional charging cable.

The only difference is that it does so in a safer, faster, and more convenient way. The tips of the charger are magnetic, meaning that your device can be connected to the cable far more easily. It also prevents the risk of your devices charging pins being bent or damaged all the while delivering reliable fast charge capacity.

The magnetic charging cable also gives the added convenience of universal charging. This means all you need is the one cable to charge all your devices, no matter whether it’s an Android, iPhone, or USB C.

Magnetic charging cables also don’t just stop at charging a device. They also allow you to share and transfer data between your devices, making them ideal for both charging and syncing. Our magnetic charging cables are capable of 2-way full-speed USB 2.0 data transfer at 480 Mbps between any USB devices.

By leaving the tip of the magnetic charger connected to your device, you can extend the life of your phone port from daily wear and tear; common from cables being regularly pulled out and plugged in.