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Chargeasap G6 USB-C 65W Travel Adapter with GaN 15 reviews $55.00 $79.00

Check out the hands on review from @GearUP with Aaron   Fast Charging: 61W USB-C Power Deliver 3.0 (PPS) port meaning G6 has no limits with compatibility, allowing fast charging for your USB-C devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, speakers, cameras, headphones, Nintendo Switches and even drones. Apple Fast Charge: Keep your iPhone and iPad charged up with 18W maximum charge speed support Supports high wattage devices: Supports charging with common high wattage devices such as irons, hair dryers, microwaves, mini-ovens, toasters, heaters and air conditioners Compact size: Powered by Gallium Nitride (GaN) to allow higher efficiency, less heat and the ability to handle a higher current in a small and compact size.  LED Indicator: Turns on to indicate the power is connected so you can find the ports even in the dark Certifications: FC, CE, RoHS  


Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a roadtripper, Chargeasap’s newly-launched G6 USB-C 61W travel adapter with GaN has got you covered — no matter where you are in the world, keep everything charged with our travel charger. 

Switch up your time zones and take the road less traveled while keeping your devices fueled up and ready to capture that next great shot, help you connect with your remote team, talk to friends and family, or respond to emails. 

Location independence just got a whole lot easier with the best travel charger from Chargeasap. Built to withstand the rough-and-tumble travel life while still offering sleek, lightweight, and highly functional designs, Chargeasap travel USB chargers take the sweat out of keeping your devices charged when country-hopping. We ship worldwide so you can grab our travel phone chargers no matter where you are. 

Our newest travel chargers online are transforming more than just voltage — we’re changing up the way you work and plan around the world. Browse our selection of universal travel chargers today and learn why thousands of people are opting for Chargeasap for the last travel charger they’ll ever need. 

What is a travel charger?

A travel charger often gets confused with a travel adapter. The two are very different things and they’re used for different situations. 

Travel chargers

If you’ve ever traveled to countries halfway across the world, you’ll realize that the formation of their outlet prongs look different than what you’re used to. That’s because these sockets have a different voltage and wattage. So, for example, if your device operates at 110/120 volts, which is standard for American devices, you’ll need something that “increases” or converts this into 220/240 volts, which is almost every other country besides the U.S. and Canada.

That’s what travel chargers do. They convert or step down the power flowing from these other sockets to your device so that the power of the new current doesn’t overwhelm and basically “fry” your device. However, as the name suggests, they also charge your device when you’re traveling to a new country. 

For this reason, universal travel chargers usually have triple protection against overcharging, short-circuiting, and overheating. Overheating is a significant concern because you need to be able to use your phone while it’s charging. The best travel chargers feature a few ports where you can plug your devices in with a USB cable, safely, and then plug these devices into the wall for fast, safe, and efficient charging.

Travel adapter 

Okay, this is where many people get confused. Most devices built for travel today, such as laptops and smartphones, are dual voltage. This means the manufacturer designed the adapter to be a travel adapter. The adapters that you use to plug in and charge your devices are the same adapter that you can use in another country around the world. 

But you still need something that will fit the orientation of the sockets in foreign countries. Even though your voltage is all taken care of, you’ll need something that, like a jigsaw piece, fits your device’s adapter into the outlets of other countries. That’s what a travel adapter helps you do. Travel adapters don’t necessarily charge up your device.

What is a converter?

Technically, modern universal travel chargers are converters. Before we had travel chargers — essentially, devices that can charge a phone and convert the voltage — travelers would rely on converters to change the voltage from one level to the other. 

This allows devices manufactured in one part of the world (such as the U.S. and Canada) to operate in another part of the world by “stepping down” or converting the current to the destination country’s power supply. 

Another interesting thing to note about converters is that they’re still required and used today for electronic appliances. These include items like hairdryers, curling irons, small fans, or anything that has a mechanical motor. 

Items that have a computer chip, such as smartphones, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, etc., usually don’t need this type of traditional converter. They may need a travel charger/travel adapter to plug into the wall. Many manufacturers will make dual voltage devices, so you don’t need to worry about bringing a separate converter along.

What is the difference between a travel charger and a travel adapter?

Travel chargers are the best tools if you need to both convert a current and charge your devices at the same time. A great example of this is our newly-launched G6 USB-C 61W travel adapter with GaN. \

It does both — it charges your single voltage devices in foreign countries by converting the current and it acts as a travel adapter by including multiple prongs for worldwide socket compatibility. 

Usually, a travel adapter would allow you to connect your device to the foreign country’s wall socket. But, depending on specs, it might not include the converter function. If you have a single voltage device, you still need a converter to change the current.

What phones are our travel chargers compatible with?

To help you truly do away with all those extra cables, chargers, and adapters, we created a universal travel charger that is compatible with any device that relies on a USB-C connector

The G6 61W travel charger with GaN also includes two USB-A ports, for older devices or storage devices, and a 4-pin multi-region AC output. 

Such devices include:

  • Smartphones
  • Mobile devices
  • Laptops (and the 61W allows enough power that you can charge a Macbook Pro 13-inch and an Air at max speed)
  • Speakers
  • Cameras
  • Headphones
  • Nintendo Switches
  • Drones
Take advantage of the Chargeasap universal travel charger 

Imagine being able to take all the adapters and chargers you have, gathering them up in a pile, and disposing of them — forever. The G6 USB-C Travel Adapter with GaN is the last and only all-in-one universal travel charger you’ll ever need.

As one of the best travel chargers available today, the G6 allows you to plug in and charge up all your digital devices with USB connectors into one single unit while delivering high-speed charges to even the most heavy-duty of devices. Learn more about how our team designed this universal travel charger with the feedback and votes of customers just like you, or browse and shop our entire collection of travel chargers today!