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Our Story

asap Technologies is a consumer electronics startup based in Sydney. We believe users should be the creators and innovators of products. We realize that your mobile phone is the one object you interact with every day more than any other object or person, so why not simplify this interaction? 

With the interaction of seamless technology, anything is possible. Anything can be done with a click of a button increasing time efficiency for consumers. The future is all about technology and automation. asap Technologies is about providing consumers with a less stressful, better connected and simpler life.

Our team consists of serial entrepreneurs, creatives and engineers who've worked together since 2014 to overcome painstaking obstacles to bring to life the vision of each life-changing product. We're excited to be writing this next chapter in the story of asap Technologies with you. 

We share each of our new innovations with the crowdfunding community here first because of the strong community of creatives, innovators and early adopters. With this help, we've been able to kick start each product and bring discounts exclusively to our community of early backers.

Our 1st crowdfunding campaign was asap dash: the world's fastest pocket-sized portable phone charger which successfully raised over $222,538 since January 2016.

Our 2nd crowdfunding campaign was asap connect: The original version of this magnetic USB cable which successfully raised over $628,828 since May 2016.

Our 3rd crowdfunding campaign asap X-Connect is the 2nd version of our magnetic USB cable which successfully raised over $478,828 since September 2016.

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