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USB-C Laptop Device Magnetic Cables

The world's most crowdfunded cable continues to set a worldwide benchmark with Infinity being the world's first universal magnetic charging cable for all USB devices including mobiles phones, tablets and finally compatibility for all USB-C laptops include Macbook Pro. Supporting all Apple and Android devices, experience a world where you only need 1 USB cable for all your devices. This is our most powerful range of cables and the only magnetic cable in the world that can support USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 100W speeds and USB 2.0 fast data transfer and still be compatible with Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB devices.

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Your laptop is a valuable tool in day-to-day life. Whether you use it for work, school, play, or all of the above you want to guarantee it’s charged up and ready to use whenever and wherever you are.

One of the most essential accessories for a laptop is a charger. The right laptop charger will keep your laptop battery always charged and performing efficiently. If you’re on the hunt for the best laptop charger, then you might want to look into a USB-C laptop charger. USB-C cables carry significantly more power than other types of USB cables and also provide the ability to transfer files more quickly. 

If you’re new on the laptop scene or are thinking of upgrading your device, you may have already noticed the familiar type-A USB port slowly being phased out and replaced by this much smaller, more oval-shaped connector. USB-C is becoming not only the face of future smartphones but of the modern computer. Even the latest MacBooks are now coming equipped with a USB-C port. So what’s the deal and why is the type C charger getting so much hype?


Simplifying your charging

The USB-C is revolutionized by the fact that it’s the first of it’s kind to be symmetrical. This means the USB-C plug can be inserted either way (up or down) - eliminating the frustrations of earlier USB ports and making charging far faster and accessible. 

The USB-C can support any type of USB connection (it’s universal) and can deliver speeds way faster than previous USB chargers (most USB C laptops are built with first and second-generation USB 3.1 that can deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps). And, on most laptops and desktops nowadays, the type C laptop charger also supports Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 data-transfer technology. Chargeasap’s Infinity magnetic laptop charger is the world’s first universal magnetic charging cable to support 100W PD charge (more than six times what USB 3.1 can) and supports fast-charging for laptops including MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. 


Can I charge my laptop with USB C?

Provided your laptop is USB-C compatible, then yes. If your laptop has a built-in USB-C port then you’ll be able to charge it via a USB-C laptop cable. Most laptops on the market today are being sold already equipped with a USB-C cable as the primary charger. 

Standard USB-C cables are rated to charge at 60W, with some cables like the Infinity able to deliver up to 100W. USB-C chargers will vary, but you will find that they should all be labelled with their charging capabilities. In order to get the best fast-charge delivery from your type C cable, you need to also look at the specs and limitations of your laptop. Also, keep in mind that some laptops may feature a coaxial power connector and may not feature USB-C charging even if it has a USB-C port on its chassis. Laptops such as the Samsung Notebook 9 and the 2019 HP Envy 13 have dedicated chargers along with USB-C ports, yet will typically deliver a faster charge via its dedicated charger. Similarly, the HP Spectre X2 won’t charge with any USB-C charger beside its own. 

Charging speed is also determined by the Power Delivery (PD) method used by your particular laptop and the charger that you’re using with it. Some may support higher wattages and amperages leading to faster charging, while others may not have the capability for faster charge even with a dedicated USB-C port. 


Can I use my laptop USB C charger to charge my phone?

It’s advisable not to use your USB-C laptop cable directly with your phone as the voltage requirements between devices may be too different. If you use just any USB-C laptop charger with your phone you may run the risk of damaging your device. In order to charge both your laptop and your smartphone using the same type C charging cable, you need a universal charger such as the Infinity. This charger is designed to support all USB devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are other universal type-c laptop cables on the market, but the technology is rather new so it’s best to do some research before plugging any device into your charging cable.  


Which laptops are compatible with a type c laptop charger

Most modern laptops are now equipped with a type C port. If you are using a USB-C laptop cable like the Infinity, here are some of the laptops on the market that are compatible:

  • MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
  • Surface Go, Surface Pro X, Surface Book 2
  • iPad Pro
  • Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15
  • HP Spectre X360 15t
  • Acer Aspire
  • Lenovo ThinkPad
  • ASUS ZenBook


What is a USB C PD charger?

USB-C Power Delivery (PD) is a specification for handling higher power and therefore supporting faster charging than standard type-c cables. It’s important to note that not all laptops or USB-C ports support USB-C PD.

PD is also supported by certain iOS/Apple/Android/Google smartphones. Essentially, PD delivers much higher levels of power (up to 100W). If your laptop is equipped with PD compatibility, the USB-C PD charger will detect the connected device to deliver the right amount of power to charge that device as quickly as possible.