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Magnetic Charging Cables

The most crowdfunded cable in history and the world's first magnetic cable for Apple and Android devices, our X-Connect and UNO cable series have continued to cement us as industry leaders in quality and user experience. Our universal magnetic cables work with all major brands of phones, tablets, mini camera, speakers and others USB devices. Upgrade to the world of Chargeasap's magnetic cables and feel the difference of a snag-free cable that allows you the freedom to use 1 cable for all your devices.

Universal magnetic phone charging cables will change the way you charge your mobile phone. 

Traditional charging cables serve their purpose, but they are often inconvenient and are limited in their compatibility. These days, most consumers are using multiple devices to serve multiple purposes. Convenience, durability, and compatibility are an absolute necessity in this fast-paced, interconnected world. If you live in a household with different mobile devices or you have one model of phone for home and another for work, then you need the convenience of being able to charge your devices with just the single charger.

At Chargeasap, we became aware of this need. So we decided to invent something that will revolutionize the way people charge their mobile phones. When we crafted our magnetic charging cables, we designed them so that they would fit today’s modern world. But we didn’t stop there. Since people possess different devices, we invented a universal magnetic charging cable that could be used to charge both Android (Micro USB and USB-C) and Apple phones. 

Our universal magnetic charging cables work with all major brands of phones, tablets, cameras, and other USB devices. This revolutionary snag-free, universal charger means that you now only require one cable to power up all your devices. 

ONE cable for all your devices

Chargeasap offers the best fast magnetic charging cables for all mobile devices. One of our game-changers includes the Infinity Cable. This single cable is magnetic and capable of supporting all device power standards including Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB. It supports charging for all USB devices, including your USB-C laptop charging such as your Macbook. The most crowdfunded cable in history - our X-Connect and UNO also support universal phone charging to fit all modern devices.

Our universal magnetic charging cables will change the way you charge your devices. Browse our range, and see for yourself!

How do universal chargers work?

Tech junkies and phone lovers will enjoy the idea of universal chargers since they are designed to charge multiple devices. 

Hauling multiple charging cables and power banks for your different devices isn’t practical at all. That’s why Chargeasap designed the first cross-compatible universal charging cable that can charge your USB-C, Micro USB and Apple Lightning devices with the same single cable. 

Universal chargers work by incorporating three connectors (Apple, Micro USB, and USB-C) in the same charging cable. This way, you can connect and charge any device as well as transfer data between various devices. 

If you have a selection of devices that leave you switching between multiple cables, a universal charger provides you with a single cable solution. 

What phones are our universal chargers compatible with?

Our phone charging cables are truly universal. With multiple adapters including USB-C/Type A port, Lightning, and Micro USB, you will be able to safely charge and transfer data between various devices including Android and Apple phones, laptops, cameras, headphones, or any other USB device.

The Chargeasap range of universal magnetic charging cables supports cross-compatibility with all three major USB types, making it the world’s first truly universal charging cable that will work with most modern phones including Samsung Galaxy (including Samsung Galaxy S7 Micro USB, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 USB-C, and iPhone X Lightning. 

Are universal magnetic chargers bad for your phone?

Many people are concerned that magnetic chargers could potentially damage their devices. Fortunately, universal magnetic chargers are very safe to use. Modern smartphones and devices such as laptops use SSDs and other solid-state components, meaning there is no risk of the magnets interfering with the device’s operation.

A magnetic charger is both safe and convenient. The magnetic port that attaches to your phone can protect the components from dust, water, and misuse. Because of the magnetic connector, you no longer have that chance of bending or damaging the charging pins. Plugging in a regular charging cable into your phone has the potential to break or scratch your device. With a magnetic charger, that will never be a problem. 

Universal magnetic chargers are also extremely durable. These cables are designed to be snap and fray-free, as well as capable of handling thousands of connections.

Are universal magnetic charging cables interchangeable?

The configurable end of our universal charging cables like the UNO has interchangeable Lightning, USB-C, and USB Type A connectors that attach magnetically. On the UNO & Infinity universal magnetic charging cable, you will find a USB-C plug on one end and a Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB at the other. On the X-Connect universal magnetic charging cable, you will find a USB-A plug on one end and a Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB at the other. This allows for easy charging of all your devices, no matter what port type they support. 

At Chargeasap we also sell magnetic adapter sets so that you can charge your specific device with our magnetic charging cables. 

Are all Android charging cables the same?

All Android USB charging cables are the same. Some brands such as Samsung use slightly different cables to support fast-charging but are still interchangeable with other USB cables. Some of the newer models of Android phones now use USB-C instead of micro-USB as an input and in some cases, if you use a cable not manufactured specifically for your device then you’ll experience slower charging times. The easiest way to charge all your Android devices using the same cable is with a universal charging cable. 

How can I charge my phone with just a cable?

The best way to charge your phone with just one single cable is with a universal magnetic phone charging cable. Our magnetic charging cables are very smart! They are capable of charging any device and also features handy fast-charge features such as Lightning and Quick Charge (QC3.0 & 4.0). The Infinity cable is able to support up to 100W and is capable of 2-way full-speed USB 2.0 data transfer at 480Mbps between any USB devices along with a reversible magnetic tip meaning an instant fit with your device port every single time. This latest innovation in charger cross-compatibility offers unparalleled convenience and reliability for an effortless charge no matter what phone you use.

Does USB cable matter for charging phones?

While there are several means of charging your phone (portable chargers, power banks, etc.) a USB cable will always be required. 

Depending on what USB cable you use, you can significantly impact the charging speed of your device. Some cables can impact how fast your phone reaches 100% battery, while others can slow down charging speeds. 

Generally, your best bet when using a USB cable for your phone is to use one that comes with your device. Buying aftermarket USB cables will pretty much always result in cheaper quality and slower charge speeds, and some aren’t even safe to use. 

Chargeasap’s universal magnetic phone charging cables are of the highest-quality, using multiple USB-adapters so that you can charge your device in the fastest way possible. With our improved materials, machinery process, and quality control, we have developed a charging cable that can be used for all USB devices. 

With a universal USB cable, you can charge your phone more efficiently so that you can go back to using it quickly. Plus, with worldwide delivery, you can have your universal charging cable and start using it no matter where in the world you are!

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