Magnetic Adapter Set: X-Connect (Twin Pack)

Magnetic adapter that converts your USB cable including, Apple (Lightning) or Android (Micro USB or USB-C) into a universal magnetic cable compatible with all modern mobile devices. 
  • Fast Charging: 2.4A Maximum Output Charge for Apple and Micro USB. 2.1A Maximum Output charge for Type C Devices
  • Universal: One cable for all your mobile phones and USB devices
  • No More Accidents: Tripping over and breaking your laptop is a thing of the past, with our Magsafe connector bringing back the Macbook snag-free feature

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How it works


The X-Connect Adapter is safe, simple and conveniently connects to all your mobile devices.

  1. Insert the tip into the port of your phone, which stays connected securely.
  2. Attach the adapter to your existing USB cable
  3. The X-Connect adapter will magnetically connect when placed near the tip

Now your 1 cable works for all modern Apple and Android devices!


  • Strong Magnets: Features 2 x N52 grade neodymium magnets which are one of the world's strongest commercial grade magnets
  • Easy To Connect: Connect hassle free with just one hand. Our magnetic charging cables means an instant connection every single time. No more fumbling around to connect your devices, even in the dark
  • Data Transfer: Capable of 2-way full speed USB 2.0 data transfer at 480 Mbps between any USB devices
  • Phone Life Extended: Protect your phone port from dust and dirt entering. By leaving the tip in there, it will also extend the life of your phone port from the normal wear and tear of cables being inserted and pulled out on a daily basis

Featured In

  • The Sun: "Having got hands on with one of them, we can reveal that it really does all work flawlessly and exactly as promised."
  • Android Guys: "The magnets are pretty damn strong"
  • Irish Tech News: "If you were a fan of the Magsafe connections on the old Macbooks then you are going to love this cable."
  • ZDNET: "Cut down on the number of cables you need to pack for a business trip"
  • Daily Mail: "Great way to make sure you can keep all of your devices charged without having to bring out more than one cable"

Everything That's Included

Each adapter set comes with 2 x magnetic adapter + 2 x magnetic tip (Apple, Micro USB or USB-C). We also offer fast customer service within 24 hours, 30-day hassle-free return policy and a 1-year international warranty. 


Product Specifications
  • ASAP X-Connect is compatible with the UNO range 
  • This product is compatible with all USB devices for charge and data sync. However it is not compatible with any audio functions such as your Lightning headphones, speakers or Apple Play.
  • Currently our Type C adapters are limited to 12V/2.1A. Using a Type C to Type C cable requires a different pin configuration and is not currently compatible with our X-Connect adapters. This means X-Connect adapters will only be compatible with Type C to Type A cables. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
John Vilagi
Makes managing mutilple devices simple

One cable now helps me manage my android micro C, amazon and ipads - want my life simple and chargeasap helps do this

Jocelyn Schattel

They work so much better than I first thought. Magnet is strong and charges fast. I’m going to buy one for my phone.

Eric Tan
Return customer

I bought them again. Worked well for me.

Helmut Berger

I own several x-connect adapters for micro-usb and till know they work very good.

As usual :)

very good , and as always happy with any product from chargeasap