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Magnetic Charging Cables 101: Why Use Them—A Guide

Magnetic Charging Cables 101: Why Use Them—A Guide

The cellular phone is one of the most important gadgets that any person uses on a daily basis. The advancements in today’s technology have prioritized various solutions to make these mobile devices even more functional and adaptable—which is why its accessories are also becoming even more innovative.

Magnetic Charging Cables

A cellphone is only as useful as its battery capacity, which is why a huge priority is being placed on power banks and cellphone chargers. One of the fastest-growing trends in the cellphone industry is the use of magnetic charging cables. While many think it merely for aesthetics rather than innovation, its excellent design can phase out the use of regular charging cables in the near future.

What’s the difference between magnetic and regular charging cables?

In terms of functionality, magnetic charging cables and regular ones share a singular purpose: to charge your mobile phone. In the design, however, magnetic charging cables are much more aesthetic than your run-of-the-mill charger by adding the most obvious component—a magnet.

These innovative cables actually involve two parts in its design: a charger head and a cable. The magnet is what bridges the two together, allowing the detachable head to stay connected to your phone. While this may seem like just an addition for the lazy, it actually protects both your phone and your cord in numerous ways.

By leaving the magnetic head attached to your phone pin, it protects your phone’s internal charging pins from being bent, dirtied, or wet. Aside from this, it allows a safer use of your phone while charging—preventing the fraying from accidental pulls on your charger cord while it’s being used.

Is it durable?

Chords, in general, are prone to fraying and breakage over time. The beauty of the magnetic charging cable, however, is that its design to promote a longer service life than your average cable.

One of the weakest parts of a cable lies in between the head and the chord—a weakness resolved by the magnetic variation. While more expensive, it allows it to last much longer, thus making it a cheaper investment than repeatedly buying new chords.

Is it fast-charging capable?

Fast-charging capabilities are dictated by the model of your phone and the compatibility of your charger. If your phone allows this function, then you must use the appropriate charging cable and wall adaptor to utilize it.

A majority of magnetic cables are created to support fast-charging functions, however, this is highly dependent on the manufacturer of your cable. To assure this functionality, make sure to check the product manual before utilizing or purchasing the product.

Is it safe for my phone?

Safety is certainly one of the most important factors when considering the purchase of a magnetic charging cable. Luckily for you, it actually is!

While magnets were once thought to be harmful to a majority of electronic devices, a majority of newer models have a basic resistance to small magnets. These newer cables utilize a very small magnet that doesn’t have excessively strong magnetic capabilities—which means it won’t break your phone.


Magnetic charging cables are an incredibly useful accessory to purchase. Not only are they extremely aesthetic additions, but they’re also capable of adding a layer of protection for your phone and chord. Best of all, it’s perfectly safe for your phone to use.

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