3 Tips to Saving Your Phone Battery’s Service Life - Our Guide

3 Tips to Saving Your Phone Battery’s Service Life - Our Guide

Our smartphones are some of the most important gadgets we use in our daily life, which is why it’s crucial to keep it juiced up and ready for use. This has resulted in the development of innovative charging devices such as power banks, charging docks, wireless chargers, and fast-charging wall adaptors.

While the innovations of cellphone chargers are evident, there are numerous misconceptions on how best to charge your phones. There are numerous myths that have been carried on from the lead-acid battery cell age, which aren’t actually true in this age of the Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery packs. By clearing out some of the inconsistencies, you can prolong the service life of your cellphone battery.

To help you out in this regard, here are three power-saving tips to prolong the efficiency and service life of your smartphone’s battery.

Do a partial charge rather than a full charge

One of the biggest myths that have been carried over is the belief that cellphones must be drained completely and charged fully before using it again. While this was true in the previous era, this is potentially catastrophic for Li-ion batteries. Maximizing to 100% isn’t recommended as this can burn your battery out easily—which can ultimately wear out your battery’s service life.

Newer cellphone batteries are geared more for partial charging rather than full-charging—in fact, it has been noted to last a cellphone longer if it’s topped-up frequently rather than maximized. The best practice is to utilize only 20% increments of your battery before charging, but it’s fine to leave your battery charging between the 30% to 80% range.

Don’t leave your phone charging idly

One of the most common practices is to leave a cellphone charging overnight, which is also not recommended. Unlike what was previously believed, this is not because it will “overcharge” the phone, but the symptoms are quite similar.

Leaving a phone charged even if it’s maxed out will leave it open for voltage and temperature strain. At a 90 - 100% battery capacity, a smartphone’s voltage is higher, which if left alone can be catastrophic for battery life. Furthermore, it will create excess heat due to the power dissipation, which doubles the battery degradation from this practice.

Avoid “parasitic loads” from charging while using

Many smartphone users today would charge their cellphones while watching or gaming, which is not a healthy practice for your battery. This, in turn, induces a “parasitic load” which results in the degradation of your battery life. This is mostly due to a disruption in the charging cycle, where only a part of your battery is being strained at a time—thus causing it to deteriorate faster than the rest of the battery cell.

The Bottom Line

Although it’s important to keep your smartphone charged at all times, it’s also crucial to keep its battery service life as long as possible. By following and adapting certain battery-saving practices, you can prolong its life to a few more years—thus saving you a load of costs if your battery dies out prematurely.

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