5 Phone Charging Tips to Having a Healthy Phone Battery

Here are some phone charging tips that you should follow
5 Phone Charging Tips to Having a Healthy Phone Battery

The performance of your phone is highly affected by the quality and health of your phone’s battery pack. On average, when you take good care of your phone’s battery, it can last for at least 3-5 years. To prevent it from draining quickly and expand its lifespan, here are some phone charging tips that you should follow:

1. Never charge your phone overnight

Plugging in your device on a phone charger before going to bed and leaving your phone charging all night may be convenient for you. However, this is a bad habit that you must break right away since this can overcharge your device. As a result, its battery life may be shortened. The worst case scenario is an explosion as overcharging can cause your phone battery to heat up.

If you are using a lithium-ion battery for your phone, the average charging time for it to reach a 100 percent charge is at least 2-3 hours. Charging your phone for longer than three hours can release a ton of heat that can cause it to easily catch fire or lead to an explosion.

2. Unplug your phone only when it reaches an 80 percent charge or more

Many phone users believe that letting their phone charge all the way to 100 percent can degrade the phone battery’s electrolytes that can depreciate the battery. To prevent this from happening, it is wise to keep your phone charged between an 80 percent charge or more. Meanwhile, to conserve your battery and prevent it from running low, explore your phone battery settings and access the power-saving mode.

3. Avoid charging using power banks

Using a power bank helps you keep your phone functional while on the go. Power banks come in various sizes, designs, shapes, and mAH figures or the total capacity of the batteries. While they make charging more convenient for you, they should be used only when necessary because they can damage your battery in the long run. This is because the lithium-ion batteries of your power bank and phone lose their capacity over time.

4. Avoid frequent charging

Just like overcharging, charging your phone frequently can harm your phone battery’s life. Therefore, while your battery may drain quickly and fails to last a day, you don’t have to keep charging it every several minutes. Similarly, it is also advisable to avoid draining your battery completely then plugging it in and charging it all the way to 100 percent charge. Doing this regularly will warm your phone up and make your battery’s lifespan suffer in the long run.

5. Stick to using only one charger

As much as possible, avoid using multiple, second-hand, or another device’s chargers to charge your device. Doing so can degrade your battery quickly. Make sure to carry your charger when going out and buy only an original charger from an authorized dealer or store in case it is inevitable to buy one.


Your phone battery’s health impacts your device itself. It’s vital to keep it in tip-top condition by following the phone charging tips mentioned above. If you need to buy a charger or other phone accessories, head only to a trusted store, such as ours.

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