Breakdown of iPhone Users by Country: Global Market Insights

In this analysis, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the iPhone's worldwide presence and impact on our daily lives.
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The iPhone's global popularity has skyrocketed since its initial launch in 2007, paving the way for a new generation of smartphones and revolutionising the way we connect, communicate and consume. As a consumer electronics startup originating in Sydney, Chargeasap has been at the forefront of this revolution, creating highly innovative mobile phone accessories since 2016 to satisfy our evolving mobile needs. Understanding regional iPhone usage patterns can provide invaluable insight into the mobile accessory market, as well as offer a broader perspective on the ever-expanding reach of Apple's most iconic product.


In this analysis, we will break down the number of iPhone users by country, highlighting the extensive global distribution of this iconic device. As we explore variations in user statistics, market penetration, and regional preferences, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the iPhone's worldwide presence and impact on our daily lives. Join us on this journey through the fascinating world of iPhone usage data, trends, and insights, proudly presented to you by Chargeasap.


Top Countries with the Highest Number of iPhone Users


Understanding the countries with the highest number of iPhone users can help highlight the regions where Apple's influence is most significant. According to the data obtained from Counterpoint Research, these are the top three countries with the largest number of users of Apple's smartphones:


  1. United States – The US has consistently remained Apple's largest market, with approximately 119.9 million iPhone users based on Q4 2020 data (Source: Statista). The iPhone's strong presence in the US market can be attributed to factors such as early adoption, brand loyalty, and widespread availability.


Quote by 9to5mac: "The United States is still the biggest market for the iPhone, despite increasing competition from other brands."


  1. China – As the world's most populous country, China holds immense potential for smartphone manufacturers. Data from Q4 2020 revealed that China accounted for nearly 68.4 million iPhone users (Source: Statista). Apple's ability to tap into the rapidly growing consumer base has been crucial to the iPhone's success in the Chinese market.


Quote from Forbes: "China is Apple's largest market outside the United States, with a rapidly expanding middle class and growing appetite for Western gadgets."


  1. India – As a fast-growing smartphone market, India's iPhone user base has increased significantly in recent years. In 2020, Statista reported there were around 17 million iPhone users in India, thanks in part to Apple's aggressive marketing strategy and investments in local manufacturing.


Apple Insider quoted: "India is a market with significant growth potential for Apple, and they continue to invest in local initiatives to boost iPhone adoption."


Understanding Regional Market Penetration


Apart from the three countries with the most significant number of iPhone users, it's essential to analyse the smartphone's market penetration in regions like Europe, Africa, and Latin America:


  1. Europe – According to Statista, there were 56.7 million iPhone users in the 5 major European markets (the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) at the end of 2019. A study conducted by the German online statistics portal Statista found that the UK had the highest iPhone market share in Europe in December 2020, with 53.17%.


Business Insider quoted: "The United Kingdom is the driving force behind the iPhone's dominance in the European market."


  1. Africa – The African market has historically lagged regarding iPhone adoption due to economic barriers and limited accessibility. Data from Counterpoint Research highlights that Apple had a 5% market share in Kenya in Q3 2020, while the figure was estimated at approximately 7% for Nigeria. Although the numbers are relatively small compared to other regions, there is potential for iPhone growth in Africa.


Quote by Macworld: "While the iPhone's market share remains low in African countries, increased investment and focus could lead to future growth."


  1. Latin America – The Latin American market presents a growing opportunity for Apple. Although the iPhone market share remains relatively low compared to the overall Latin American smartphone market, Statista reported a 13.3% market share for Apple in Argentina in September 2020.


Quote from MacRumors: "While the iPhone's market share in Latin America has room for expansion, Apple continues to explore growth opportunities in this region."


Reflecting on Australia's iPhone Landscape


Focusing on the Australian market, we can gain a clearer understanding of the iPhone's presence in the local smartphone arena. The Roy Morgan Single Source Australia report from Q1 2014 to Q3 2019 showed that the number of iPhone users in the country grew to 10.6 million at the end of 2019.


Here’s a quote by "Australia has seen consistent growth in iPhone users, further cementing its status as a core market for Apple."


Factors Influencing Regional iPhone Adoption Rates


Various factors can influence regional iPhone adoption rates, including economic conditions, local competition, and accessibility to Apple products. Some of the most significant factors include the following:


  1. Device pricing – Higher retail prices may limit iPhone adoption in countries with lower average income levels.
  2. Local competition – Stiff competition from domestic brands, particularly in large markets like China and India, can impact iPhone market share.
  3. Carrier support and availability – Network carriers' support and distribution channels play a critical role in making iPhones accessible to the regional user base.


Identifying regional market trends and factors influencing iPhone adoption rates can contribute to understanding the opportunities and challenges associated with expanding into emerging markets and adapting to global smartphone consumer behaviour.


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The global distribution and adoption of iPhones vary widely, influenced by factors such as regional economic conditions, local competition, and accessibility. Understanding these global trends in iPhone usage can help businesses and consumers, like Chargeasap, fine-tune their market strategies and product offerings for different regions around the world. As a Sydney-based consumer electronics startup, Chargeasap has demonstrated its commitment to innovation by creating cutting-edge mobile phone accessories for iPhone users everywhere, regardless of the market dynamics.


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