Introducing GaN and Why It's an Increasingly Popular Material for Chargers

Modern chargers need to have a lot of power to charge your device, and GaN is the best option for providing that power. Discover the reasons why GaN may one day be used in all types of electronics.
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For years, the world has been using silicon to make transistors. The use of silicon in transistors is slowing down. It is being replaced by the use of GaN (Gallium Nitride). There are many reasons GaN may one day be used in all types of electronics. It offers better performance, efficiency, reliability, and safety. GaN provides all these things and can also be used for various applications.

What Is GaN? A Quick Introduction

GaN is a semiconductor material best known for its use in LEDs. GaN is also a material that is used in solar panels on satellites. It is also used in devices that require high power, but its most common use is in chargers.

The GaN semiconductor is what gives the charger its speed. The GaN used in chargers is a thin film, meaning that it is much thinner than the GaN used in some devices. Having a thin film of GaN means it can dissipate heat faster than other types of GaN.

GaN thin film is used in coolers that are used in chargers. Unlike regular chargers, the thin film helps the charger perform better and last longer.

More Things to Know about GaN

Here are other facts you should know about GaN:

  • GaN transistors are expected to replace silicon transistors soon due to their higher performance and potentially lower cost.
  • GaN transistors have a very large on-off current ratio (100 to 1000), which can be used to amplify signals. That is a key for high-power switching applications.
  • GaN transistors can also be used to increase performance, power density, and efficiency. They are also used to reduce emissions and the size of the device.
  • GaN transistors can be used in a wide range of applications. They can be applied to any device that runs on electricity.
  • GaN is at the top of the list when it comes to efficiency. It is used to convert higher amounts of power into a usable current with less energy loss. It is also used to convert more power at a lower voltage. It can even work at higher temperatures than silicon transistors.
  • GaN can be used to convert high-power and high-frequency signals. It can also be used at high currents.
  • GaN transistors have a high breakdown voltage and can dissipate much heat. They also have high linearity. These are all the reasons why GaN is used in applications that require large currents.

Why Do You Need GaN?

Power electronics is the future of electronics. GaN will be used in charging because of its many benefits. Choosing a suitable GaN-based charger can give you more power, faster charging, and a more powerful device.

Why Is GaN the Future of Charging?

Now that charger designs are smaller, most of them use USB-C Power Delivery to offer fast charging for compatible devices. Most smartphones currently allow for fast charging, and even more devices will have this option in the future.

With a charger powered by the GaN technology, you get three to five times more power than chargers with a thin film of GaN. That means more power would be stored in a smaller device, and it would be faster.


Electronic devices nowadays require high amounts of power to work and perform their functions. They need a way to store that power. One of the most popular ways to store energy is through batteries. Fortunately, GaN provides more advantages than the typical power storage. It can store more power, used in high-power applications, and can do it more quickly than before.

Modern chargers need to have a lot of power to charge your device, and GaN is the best option for providing that power. 

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