Graphene Technology: Will It Be a New Age for Batteries?

Considered the next greatest thing in the world of charging and battery technology, graphene batteries will bring an abundance of advantages and value to the table. Learn the benefits of graphene technology through this article.
Graphene Technology: Will It Be a New Age for Batteries?

Seeing that it is soon to be implemented in most—if not all—battery-powered products today, graphene technology is expected to change the way pieces of technology like phones, laptops, cameras, and portable devices work. Today, the technology has become so critical to the point that manufacturers and consumers alike won’t ever settle for less ever again.

With the idea of graphene and its applicability in a wide range of goods that we use today, you may have one question in mind above all else: “What are the benefits of graphene technology?”

What is graphene, and how does it improve batteries?

The best way to define graphene is that it’s an improved version of a proprietary component that helps bring improvement to technology by using graphite, a 2D version of the same material found in pencils.

While it isn’t a common term that may be ringing bells in your mind, it’s important to note that this specific material is completely one-of-a-kind because of its next-level strength and durability. When refined and applied in the best way possible, this material is naturally over a hundred times stronger than steel. In fact, just two atomic layers (and these are microscopically small layers) can stop a fast-travelling bullet!

Unique, right? Well, the more functional benefits of this material are bound to surprise you even more.

Beyond its unhampered durability, the main reason graphene has become a material to watch out for is that it is the best conductor of electricity and heat while being astoundingly lightweight. This specific pair of benefits is why it is now heavily tested and slowly applied in a growing number of forms of energy storage—such as our Graphene powerbanks

Exploring the popularity of graphene technology 

When it comes to understanding why graphene is the next big thing for modern energy storage and batteries, it’s critical to look deeper into the range of benefits that it provides. If you’re wondering why you should consider investing in a graphene power bank or graphene-powered device, here are some key advantages to watch out for: 

It is highly adaptable and ready to be used in the market

When we talk about the concept of graphene technology being “market-ready," we’re referring to a collective of benefits that are guaranteed to make it much easier to adapt and use while improving the products it’s used in.

With graphene being very light to the point where only a few sheets of it are needed per battery, it provides more convenience and utility by building on the advantages of lithium. By mixing the solution with lithium and adding a composite layer in sheet form, it will be much easier to make the most out of this battery while getting a better experience as opposed to lithium-ion batteries—hence the “market-ready” label.

Here are some of the manifestations of this market-readiness that make graphene technology such a potential game-changer for batteries and charging:

  • Reduced total weight for increased lightness and convenience
  • Improved durability and longevity with respect to physical maintenance and handling
  • Reduced heat output for better carrying comfort

It bears a bigger, more positive impact on energy experiences

If there’s anything that you need to know about graphene that will show you why it’s such a key piece of technology to watch out for, the fact that it’s quicker-charging and longer-lasting says a whole lot. 

Compared to traditional batteries that are limited in terms of their lifespan, graphene batteries are capable of managing 1500 charge cycles with ease—that’s thrice as much as the best lithium-ion battery on the market! If the higher lifespan wasn’t enough for you, these batteries also respond to fast-charging systems much better to the point where they take just 20 minutes to be safely charged with a 60-watt charger!


Considered the next greatest thing in the world of charging and battery technology, graphene batteries will bring an abundance of advantages and value to the table. Once the technology in question is implemented in full swing, you’re bound to see tremendous changes in your overall experience so that you get right to enjoying better, hassle-free experiences in no time! 

From GaN chargers to graphene batteries, we provide users from all around the world with the best and most innovative supply for any device’s charging needs. Get in touch with us today!

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