How Your USB Cable Choice Might Be Slowing Down Your Charging

Sometimes, the cable you’re using won’t transfer data or offer fast-charging, which can be problematic for a phone with the technology built-in. With the use of high-quality USB cables, you can avoid any of these issues with your smartphone.

How Your USB Cable Choice Might Be Slowing Down Your Charging

Technology develops quickly in today’s world, thanks to the high demand for various innovations in all kinds of devices. It shifts so fast that technologies that came out over a year ago are already somewhat obsolete for most devices and smartphones. If you see the modern phone, comparing what we had half a decade ago is so much less than what we have had in the past few months coming into 2021. 

Many manufacturers invest in their battery life technologies, which is a field that not everyone knows plenty about with their devices. While many just chalk charging off to just plugging it and leaving it, the USB cables you use might be doing more harm than good. In fact, you might be charging even slower, which is counterproductive for your phone’s fast-charging technologies. 

All About Phone Charger USB Cables

Whether you use Apple’s lightning cable or a USB-C cable for your modern smartphone, you’ll have to look into the product you just bought. These phone charger wires are all similar in exterior aesthetics, but some are not optimised well enough to be charging at their full capacity. Inside, cables’ construction looks different, so that cheap dollar-store wire you bought the other day isn’t what you think it is. Wires and their materials used to construct them vary, and the more expensive cables usually use higher-quality electronics and wiring processes. 

Inside your USB cable will have four wires. White and green ones are typically responsible for data transfers. Some cheap phone charger wires don’t have these, which is why you won’t be able to connect to your computer to back-up your phone. Red and black wires are responsible for charging, and these range from 5V to around 20V, with the latter being a fast-charge USB cable capability. 

The power connectors are responsible for charging the phone with speed, and using a high-quality phone charger with a current of over 2 amperes will boost the rate. Standard rates are at around .5 amperes for some phones. However, the .5 ampere rating is now ancient and is only reserved for a select few electronic components. 

USB Cables and Gauges

Charging wires typically come in two gauges, namely rated at 28 and 24. The former is a slower type of wire used for the standard charge rate devices, while the latter is mostly used for fast-charging due to its ability to carry a stronger current. Most of these boil down to physics and electronics engineering. Wires have different limits for currents it can carry, with larger ones being able to transfer more energy in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, while extremely long cables are handy and can keep you connected even far away from the plug, these will slow down your charging by a lot. 

Larger rated wires like 24 gauge ones are more expensive to produce, but you get what you pay for in the end. These materials are used with original or branded USB cables, and Apple’s lightning cable is actually one of the more picky variants, as not all will end up working with their phones. Some updates even phase out specific lightning cables’ compatibility, so choose branded ones over the generic and cheap ones at all times. Chargeasap’s USB-C Cable Set Magnetic 18W Charging Cable gives users options to select from lightning, micro USB, or USB-C, offering your phone fast charging and good data transfer speeds. 


You might not have known that your charging cable affects the way your phone juices up each time. Sometimes, the cable you’re using won’t transfer data or offer fast-charging, which can be problematic for a phone with the technology built-in. Buy high-quality USB cables to ensure that you never encounter any issues with your smartphones. 

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