The Best Practices to Make the Most of a Power Bank

Power banks are a modern-day invention that can bring a world of convenience. Find out the standard rules that you need to follow to safeguard their lifespan and reliability.

A smartphone with a dead battery is pretty much useless. With the world’s dependence on phones nowadays, running out of power on your mobile device can be highly inconvenient and disruptive. Thankfully, power banks make it easy to recharge wherever you are, so your phone won't die an untimely death.

While power banks seem like wholly simple gadgets, there are still a number of standard rules that you need to follow to safeguard their lifespan and reliability.

What Is a Power Bank?

A power bank is a portable battery designed to charge devices directly from its built-in battery. These devices are commonly used to charge cell phones, smartwatches, and tablets, among other devices. 

Power Bank Charging: What's the Best Way?

It’s only natural to expect maximum energy when you carry a power bank. However, you should avoid charging it frequently if you have one of the models that will suffer in terms of its capacity. That’s why it’s better to wait until the power bank is almost empty and then charge it.

The device is designed to hold as much energy as possible, but this can lead to some serious consequences. Power banks are not able to hold a charge after being connected to the power source for a long time. 

Simply put, it's just as bad to let the device die out as it is for the power bank to be at a full 100% charge.

Properly Storing a Power Bank

Temperature can affect the lifespan of your power bank. You probably know that a phone battery is dead when it's evidently frozen outside. The same is true for power banks: when it’s cold outside, the batteries inside them freeze.  

You need to apply the same rules for hot temperatures: overheating the power bank can destroy its battery. Don’t leave your power bank in the sun or in a hot car to avoid overheating.

A good rule of thumb is to store a power bank in a shaded, dry place, such as inside a drawer.

Damage Prevention

The best power bank models out there are sturdy, robust, and made of durable materials. However, when dropped on a hard surface, they still face a likelihood that they could end up breaking. 

Getting a proper case for your power bank will go a long way in preventing that from happening. Aside from dealing with the otherwise harmful effects of dirt, humidity or dust, the device also gains protection from mechanical damage.

Even if you do decide to use a case, be careful with the power bank itself. Don't leave it near sharp items and other things that can damage it. Liquids should also be kept at a good distance from power banks to prevent any accidents.


Power banks are a modern-day invention that can bring a world of convenience. They allow people to continue their meetings or the like as scheduled without having to worry about their devices. Proper charging and storage will go a long way for power banks to be maximised.

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