Things To Keep In Mind About Caring For Your Phone Battery

Properly charging your phone will extend your battery's life. Here are things to keep in mind about caring for your batteries.
Things To Keep In Mind About Caring For Your Phone Battery

Caring for your phone batteries involves knowing how to charge them properly. You cannot rely on powerbanks forever—you need to plug in your phone at some point! However, so many misconceptions are out there about charging your phone. Here are things to keep in mind about caring for your batteries.

Using Efficiency Mode Doesn't Always Help

Using the low-power mode after you charge your phone, ironically, does not make it more efficient. Often, it leads to a bad user experience. Low brightness makes it hard to see what's on the screen, and the sound is lower than usual. However, if you're conserving your battery, efficiency mode is the way to go.

Use Public Charging Ports at Your Own Risk

In public ports, you don't usually see the socket where you're plugging your charger. The cords at airports and restaurants are a discreet way to intercept data from unwitting victims. A hacker could access your emails, texts, photos, and all sorts of confidential information if they have a device that connects to that USB or lightning cable.

Charge Your Phone Before It Reaches Zero

Don't wait for your battery to drain to zero. Batteries tend to 'forget' their full capacity, so if you plug them in too late, they will not charge back to the same levels they used to. This is typical for older phone models; few of the newer types seem to have this problem.

Delete Your Energy-Depleting Apps

It's not the number of apps but the type that drains your battery. Some applications, like Facebook, use up a phone's power while running in the background. Uninstalling the app and accessing the platform through a browser could help conserve 20 percent of your battery life.

Hit Reset On Your Phone

At least once a week, turn off or restart your phone to get rid of tasks and apps idling in the background. Although it is not realistic to keep it turned off all night, you can shut it down during a meeting, an important dinner, or when you're watching a movie.

Charging While Using the Phone Is Perfectly Fine

A common misconception is that using your mobile phone while it's charging will ruin the battery. When you take a call or browse the internet while using the phone charger, it does not overload the circuitry. However, it does make the charging process slower; if you want to power up fast, leave your mobile alone for a while.

Always Eject Your Phone From the Computer

If you routinely connect your phone to your laptop or desktop, you might be in the habit of just unplugging your phone without ejecting it. When you do this, you run the risk of damaging your files. Abruptly unplugging it could cause disruptions, especially if you were transferring data or pictures. If you interrupt a crucial process, you could end up with corrupted files.


Properly charging your phone will extend your battery's life. Care for your phone batteries by using and charging your phone responsibly. Also, there is no substitute for quality; you'll naturally get to enjoy your phone for a longer time if you get the best accessories for it!

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