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Why switch to magnetic charging cables?

Why switch to magnetic charging cables?

Infuse Convenience Into Your Lifestyle With Magnetic Cables!

Traditional cables are both inconvenient to use and limited in their compatibility. They are a trouble to carry around and are prone to snagging and breaking. In our increasingly connected and fast-paced world, convenience and durability are an absolute necessity and most cables simply aren’t up to the task.

At Chargeasap, we realized we could do better than the others. We decided to make something that would revolutionize the entire charging cable industry. When we originally crafted the magnetic charging cables, we designed them to be perfectly suited for use in the modern world.

Our Chargeasap magnetic charging cables will change the way you charge your devices, and they are well worth the investment and the upgrade. See for yourself!

1. Safety

Many people are concerned that the magnets in these charging cords could potentially damage their devices. Fortunately, modern smartphones and laptops use SSDs and other solid-state components, so there is no risk of the magnets interfering with the device’s operation.

Over 100 hours of candid user-testing have revealed our cables are safe for daily use and do not interfere with GPS services or any other navigational functions.

2. Fast Charging

Nothing is more annoying than having to waste valuable time charging your device. Third-party traditional cables can take ages to charge your battery, and that is something no one should have to deal with. Our Chargeasap magnetic charging cables deliver power fast, so you can spend less time plugged in and more time doing the things you love.

3. Durability

The charger is the single most important accessory for your mobile devices, and chances are you use them several times a day. These cables need to withstand hundreds of plug-ins, but most give out after only a few months of use. Our anti-fray cord wrap and military-grade aluminum shielding ensures your Chargeasap magnetic charging cable can handle anything and everything that life throws your way. Not only this, some powerful features such as snag free and yank safe make the magnetic cables a perfect choice for people who prefer convenience as well as durability.

4. Convenience

Most cables these days are clumsy and difficult to deal with, and we all know the struggle of trying to plug in your phone in the dark. Even minor issues can be frustrating after a few bad experiences, so we designed a cable that rises about all others. Our Chargeasap reversible magnetic charging cables couldn’t be easier to use. The strong N52 grade magnets make charging your devices a one-handed task. And did we mention just how satisfying the click of the magnet is?

Not only this, magnetic cables are great for people with physical disabilities. They can charge their phones effortlessly as they no longer have to plug the cable in each time.

5. Universal Cable

People don’t just have one device anymore and hauling around charging cables for your various electronics isn’t practical at all.

That’s why we designed the first cross-compatible (universal) magnetic charging cable. With Chargeasap, you can charge your USB C and Apple Lightning devices with the same cable, and even transfer data between various devices. Our asap X-Connect, UNO and Infinity Cables feature extensive compatibility across several devices and platforms.

asap X-Connect

The asap X-Connect is a universal magnetic charging cable designed to charge both Android and Apple devices. Our cable features a strong magnetic connection and fast charging capabilities that will save you valuable time. The convenient snap-on/snap-off design makes switching between charging devices simple and easy.

Infinity Cable

As the leading authority on magnetic charging cables, we wanted to design a cable that could charge even more types of devices.

Our Infinity Cable is the world’s first magnetic charging cable that can charge both your laptop and your smartphone. The cable’s strong, easy to connect, and convenient design grants you freedom from hauling around various cables and adapters. The Infinity is so durable, it may even be the last cable you need to buy.


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