3 Things to Avoid to Prolong a Phone Battery’s Service Life

Three things you must avoid in order to safeguard your mobile phone’s battery from excessive degradation
3 Things to Avoid to Prolong a Phone Battery’s Service Life

The battery pack is arguably the most important component of any electronic device, especially when it comes to your smartphone. As it is responsible for powering up your device, its premature degradation can shorten the lifespan of your device. Not only will having a low battery life hamper your use of it, but in particularly extreme cases, a compromised battery might even leak or explode.

Understandably, most batteries today come with built-in safety features to ensure its longevity while keeping users away from harm. As much as these advancements have improved its service life, certain situations can increase the chances of premature wear in your batteries—or worse, cause injuries due to it overheating and exploding! 

Here are three things you must avoid in order to safeguard your mobile phone’s battery from excessive degradation:

1. High impact drops 

With today’s smartphone batteries being hidden and not accessible without special tools, most people are not aware of the general state of their battery until it starts conking out on them. More often than not, people worry about a cracked screen or faulty software but are quite oblivious with their phone’s battery health!

Unfortunately, something as simple as a drop can cause damage to the internal mechanical and chemical structure of the battery. This can result in its swelling, deformation, and frequent overheating even when not under intensive load. 

To prevent damaging your battery this way, avoid high impact drops by using cases designed to cushion the impact of a fall. Better yet, exercise more caution when handling your device and avoid dropping it altogether.

2. Hot temperatures 

A warm phone isn’t generally a cause for concern. Your phone and its battery will heat up if you’ve been on a phone call for a long time, running graphically intensive apps, or even when charging. As much as it’s normal, prolonged exposure to heat can still significantly degrade a battery’s life. 

While most batteries have fail-safe mechanisms that will cause the device to shut off in heat-intensive situations, it’s still best to keep your phone cool as much as possible. 

To do this, you can: 

  • Avoid leaving your phone in a hot car,
  • Remove the phone from its case while charging, and
  • Keep the phone away from direct sunlight.

3. Using third-party chargers from questionable sources

Just because it looks the same doesn’t mean it’s compatible! There are more to chargers than connector models and plug types. Even the latest generation Type-C connectors, which are touted to solve the problem of having different chargers for different devices, are not created equal. 

Before buying and using a third-party phone charger, make sure that it is an authentic product coming from a well-known brand. It’s also a good idea to consult with a representative of the company to ensure its compatibility with your device. 


The batteries of today are far superior to earlier models, which is the reason why incidents of battery explosions are now exceedingly rare. That being said, it’s important to take care of battery packs as they are directly responsible for powering up our devices! For many gadgets today, a dead or worn-out battery can end a device’s life prematurely—so ensure to avoid the common mistakes to keep your device up and running!

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