5 Ways to Keep Your Phone Battery From Hitting Zero

5 Ways to Keep Your Phone Battery From Hitting Zero

Smartphones pack a lot of power in a small device. Today, most of our handheld mobile devices have the same capabilities as their desktop counterparts. A smartphone requires a tremendous amount of energy, and it’s conveniently compressed into a small battery that fits in the palm of your hand. 

Smartphone batteries can last the whole day, even after going through a whole range of functions. However, it won’t hold a full charge like that forever. Due to regular use, mobile devices eventually lose their ability to hold a charge. When you’ve had your device for quite some time, you’ll find your smartphone burning out pretty quickly, needing a charge every hour, or sometimes, just dying when the battery indicator hits a certain number. 

Preserving the battery life of a mobile phone is crucial for everyday communication needs. If you find that your phone is dying faster than it should, here are five ways to keep your phone battery from hitting zero. 

Solution #1: Turn off brightness and vibrate settings

Prolonging your phone’s battery life is as easy as bringing its brightness down. To keep the backlight strong and your phone brightly lit, it needs to draw a lot of energy from the battery. Lowering the brightness allows the phone to preserve battery or distribute it elsewhere. Many phones have an auto-brightness setting that should be switched on to make sure the phone adjusts its brightness according to the lighting conditions. 

Turning off the vibrate setting that goes off every time you receive a notification will save you a ton of battery, too. 

Solution #2: Monitor your app usage

There are many apps out there that are known battery-guzzlers, particularly those that use up a ton of your graphics or audio settings, such as mobile games. Keep your usage of these apps to a minimum while you’re out and wait till you’re near an outlet. 

Shutting down your apps is also good practice as it prevents them from running in the background and using up an unnecessary amount of your battery, even without being actively used.

Solution #3: Turn off push notifications

Push notifications are instant notifications that pop up onscreen from apps running in the background, like instant messaging apps. Try switching off the notifications for these apps and check them when you feel like it. Not only will you preserve most of your battery life, but you’ll also find some semblance of peace without all those notifications constantly going off on your phone. 

Solution #4: Use airplane mode

The airplane mode setting on your phone isn’t just meant to be used for flying. It switches off all your connections, which use up a lot of battery, making it a great way to conserve energy for when you truly need it. This is also useful in areas where there isn’t any reception, so your phone doesn’t waste battery trying to reach for a signal. The only downside of being on airplane mode is being unable to make calls or receive any texts, but if you can wait until you’re where you need to be, switching it on is a great quick fix. 

Solution #5: Turn off WiFi, cellular data and location services

When WiFi and cellular services are switched on, your phone is reaching out for a connection to the router or nearest cell tower to get data. Switching these settings off when you don’t need them is a surefire way to conserve battery. 

Similarly, location services reach out to GPS to gather data on your location. While this is useful for apps that depend on where you are, like Uber, it can be a big battery drainer if apps are using it in the background. Switch your location services setting off and only turn it on when you really need it. 

The Bottom Line

Running out of battery is really inconvenient and frustrating, but with these tips, you’ll surely be able to get a couple of hour’s worth of battery life from your smartphone. Many people these days also have powerbanks to use as phone chargers on the go. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing that important phone call or snapping that photo.

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