6 Reasons Why Your Phone Charges Slow (And How To Fix It)

Everyone relies heavily on their devices today. Learn how to protect your mobile devices' batteries by practising these steps. Your phone will thank you for it!
6 Reasons Why Your Phone Charges Slow (And How To Fix It)

When you first get your mobile phone, your battery meter probably went from zero to 100 per cent charged in no time, and the energy drained relatively slowly. As time passes, though, you might find that your phone is taking more time to recharge. You're probably not imagining things; there could be an issue with your charging. Here are the most common reasons why you might have a slow-charging phone.

You Need To Change Your Cable

Check the USB cable or lightning cable if your phone is charging at a snail's pace. The cable sustains a significant amount of wear and tear during daily use, and many people never change their chargers. If you are using the one that came with your unit years ago, it could be time for a change. 

Both lightning cables and USB cables are less robust than device ports, and they are less expensive to replace. So, check this first if you don't know what is wrong with your unit.

You Need To Change Your Adaptor

Power surges can leave adaptors malfunctioning, and they are also susceptible to the wear and tear that USB or lightning cables face. Like cables, they take the brunt of trauma instead of your phone. If you haven't replaced your adaptor but have cycled through several cables, consider doing so.

You Need To Change The Battery

Search online for news of battery recalls for your phone's model. Sometimes, manufacturers issue these recalls because of too many issues with the production of a particular batch. See if you can get a replacement from your provider.

Note, though, that batteries are among the first in-unit parts to wear down. Most modern smartphones do not have user-replaceable batteries as well. If the cells in your battery start to die, you will have to send it to the OEM or a cellphone repair shop for battery replacement. 

Your Power Source Is Weak

Perhaps you've changed your USB cables or adaptors several times, and you have a new one at the moment. If so, consider other possibilities, like your power source being weak. If you charge your phone through your PC, it will be slow, even on a USB 3.0. 

For most USB 3.0 ports, the energy output will only by at .9A, and it is at .5mA for USB 2.0—if your computer is in top shape. Any damage to your ports or cables could result in a slower flow of energy. What's more, if you use wireless or reverse wireless charging, you'll naturally charge slower than if you use a wall outlet.

You Have An Old Phone

Perhaps what you need is a device upgrade. Newer smartphones have faster processors, which means more rapid charging. Some devices even have turbocharging, which significantly lowers the amount of time you need to have your phone plugged in.

You Are Not Careful With Your Devices

Sometimes, people are not aware that there are energy-saving ways of using their phones. If you are always on social media sites, playing games, listening to music, or using video streaming apps, your batteries will drain quickly, no matter how well you care for your hardware. Also, don't use your phone when you're charging. If you do, you'll also wear down the batteries, the USB or lightning cable, and the adaptor.


Everyone relies heavily on their devices today. Whether you're a casual internet user or you are online for school or work, you likely have to stay connected all the time. Protect your mobile devices' batteries by practising good tech habits, changing your accessories, and optimising the way you charge. Your phone will thank you for it!

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