4 Battery-Charging Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Have you been following or believing any myths about batteries? There are certain practices out there that do indeed help extend your battery's life. Let's talk about these myths to help you know how to actually treat your batteries right.
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Batteries. These are what power most of our mobile equipment, from our flashlights to our laptops. Unfortunately, they don't last forever, and some habits can cause them to lose charge faster than others. This, funnily enough, has spawned a ton of myths on how one should treat their mobile phone batteries to extend their life.

So, let's talk about these myths to help you know how to actually treat your batteries to extend their life:

Myth 1. You Should Only Charge Once Your Phone Battery Hits 0%

This is probably the most widely-believed myth for extending your mobile phone battery's life. But it's totally incorrect. Modern mobile batteries are designed to be cycled and recharged. If you let it completely discharge once, you'll wear down your battery a lot quicker.

In fact, I'd recommend you turn your phone off once it hits 0%. Let it sleep and worry about recharging it when you're ready for it, rather than keeping it in your pocket.

Myth 2. You Should Never Let Your Phone Battery Die

Sometimes it's not a good idea to let your battery completely die all the way. But you do want a consistently charged battery, so you don't want to let it get below that 50% point where it's much more difficult to recharge without the phone shutting off.

This is why we recommend charging your phone overnight, before bed, and again in the morning. That way, you have a much better chance of having a fully charged phone throughout the day. Now, you might think that charging your device overnight might kill the battery, but thanks to new technologies, this is barely a problem anymore.

Myth 3. Store Your Phone with the Batteries in a Cool, Dry Place

There's a myth going around that keeping your phone in a cool, dry place will extend your battery life. It won't. In fact, it's probably just the opposite.

Batteries like to be kept in cool, dry places, but they also need to be used. One way you can do this is using a battery case, which will keep the battery at a cooler temperature and also extend the life of your battery.

Myth 4. Letting Your Phone Charge for Too Long Will Kill It

The idea that charging your phone for too long will kill its battery is a persistent one. But it's completely false. In fact, most batteries are designed to handle a full charge, so if you have a power outage, you can use your phone as a flashlight or something else for as long as you need to.

Again, as we mentioned earlier, new technologies have also been implemented where once the battery hits 100%, the device will cut off charging, meaning that the battery won't be strained and damaged.


Have you been following or believing any of the above myths? Well, now you know better! Now, do realise that there are certain practices out there that do indeed help extend your battery's life. However, some of these practices have been dealt with thanks to technology, meaning that you can worry less about treating your battery properly and more so enjoy the convenience of having a fully-charged phone to power through your day!

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