Battery Myths and the Truth on Charging Your Devices

Choosing the right products you use for charging can greatly reduce stress on your battery’s health, so make sure that you pick high-quality products to charge your devices.
Battery Myths and the Truth on Charging Your Devices

Almost every person today owns some kind of mobile device, whether it be a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. For anyone who is living through this age of technological advancement and discovery, there is one thing that brings us all together: we hate seeing our batteries run low.

Nothing is worse than waking up, getting ready for work or school, taking the daily commute route, and finding out that you forgot to charge and left your charger at home. The struggle of not having our devices usable because the battery died has happened to all of us, and this is ultimately enough to ruin our day.

While there are many rumours and myths that plague the scene of technology, especially when it comes to batteries and charging methods, it makes it difficult to get a grasp on true practices. Here are some facts about batteries in our devices that may make it easier for you to get a good night’s rest:

Smartphone Manufacturers Are Not Too Concerned About Charging Methods

While it is true that earlier models of the smartphone and the mobile phone were not supposed to be overcharged or left charging unattended, modern-day technology has since fixed this. With better batteries made out of higher-end materials and software updates that provide maximum efficiency, there is not much to worry about modern batteries. Companies like Apple have developed their newest phones to charge more efficiently overnight, wherein it uses algorithms to track your waking hours and when you unplug the device.

Companies Like Google Say That Overcharging Is A Thing Of The Past

As mentioned above, tech companies have invested heavily in battery life, because it is definitely something that people look for when deciding on a phone or device. Google claims that the notion of overcharging too often being a cause of a destroyed battery is an outdated claim. This is because of new-age batteries and devices having a kind of shut-off switch once the battery hits 100%, and keeps it steady to prevent overcharging.

Smartphone Batteries Will Still Eventually Die Out, But It Takes A While

When it comes to tech, we are all aware of how fast the industry evolves and innovates new products. A product that was cutting edge in 2018 often becomes a thing of the past in 2019 and 2020. Just like these products, batteries do eventually die out. If you have experienced your past phones requiring a battery swap quite often than you wanted, chances are that newer models have improved this aspect. The fact still remains that all batteries have a set amount of hours before they conk out and require a replacement because that is ultimately how the technology works. It will take a while for the battery to die, and most phones nowadays have the option in the settings to monitor battery health, which makes it easy to manage and detect anomalies.

The Charging Method Does Not Exactly Affect Your Battery Life, But…

Using the right chargers will assist you in keeping your battery life steady and healthy! If your phone is optimized for fast charging chargers, utilize those to maximize compatibility. Not only do they charge extremely quickly, but they are often high-quality and do not add extra stress on your batteries. Additionally, watch out for fake or low-quality chargers on the market, and try to use only original branded power banks and battery packs for on-the-go juice. Products like Chargeasap’s Flash Powerbank that is powered by Tesla graphene batteries for a healthy charging experience are good for your phone.


When it comes to charging your phone, there really is not much to be worried about when it comes to battery health. The hundreds of dollars you paid for your phone normally ensure that the engineers and developers did their best to give you a product that is improved each time around. However, choosing the right products you use for charging can greatly reduce stress on your battery’s health, so make sure that you pick high-quality products to charge your devices.

For the most cutting-edge battery packs and charging products for your mobile devices, Chargeasap has the best technologies for battery health and fast charging available. View our products and select only the best for your smartphones and laptops!

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