Does Fast Wireless Charging Really Affect Your Phone Battery?

Here is a bit more information about fast wireless chargers 
Does Fast Wireless Charging Really Affect Your Phone Battery?

Fast charging has been subjected to company tests that have been trying to determine any real, detrimental effects on the status of a phone battery. While older phone models had batteries that made from less viable materials, newer ones have better technologies built into them, allowing for longevity and better capacities. 

There aren’t many issues that shroud wired charging as long as you use good quality chargers and USB cables. If you plan to use an external battery pack, making sure it is constructed with high-quality components will help you preserve the life of your phone. Now with wireless charger systems being integrated with fast charging, people are wondering if this will kill their phones faster. Here is a bit more information about fast wireless chargers and how they actually affect your device:

How Fast Wireless Charging Works

It pays to understand how the technology works. These pads use electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are generated by an induction coil found inside the charger. Fast charging means using a stronger EMF to generate increased power to charge the battery. What’s great about this development is that USB cables that you have to pull in and out are a thing of the past, which means less tangling. 

If you plan to get a fast wireless charging pad, ensure that it is made by the manufacturer of your phone and has the right power delivery rates. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note10, your charger should have 12W, and the iPhone 11 comes in at a lower 7.5W. Some arguments show how this technology decreases phone battery life, which will be discussed next. 

How Fast Wireless Chargers Will Kill Your Phone Battery Quicker

USB cables are optimised in the sense that they power the entire smartphone’s primary functions, all while filling up the battery. This power allows the battery to rest almost entirely during cable-based phone charging, which is the same for using powerbanks. Wireless pads, on the other hand, only charge the battery while the smartphone continues to run its course. By only charging and not powering the different functions, there is more heat generated, as well as plenty of constant discharging whenever the device is picked up from the pad. 

The increased heat is caused by background refreshing due to the background components operating during the battery’s charge. Since the other parts of the phone aren’t receiving equal power, the battery will then be introduced to the warmth that can cause it to bloat and even make the phone overheat. To prevent this, set your phone aside while charging and keep it in a cool place for a few hours without picking it up from the pad. These few hours will allow fewer disruptions, making it safer for the battery. 

However, this shouldn’t discourage you from using wireless chargers, as these can still be convenient and effective. Following these next few tips will help you keep your smartphone’s battery in tip-top shape, whether you use wired chargers or wireless pads.

How to Avoid Premature Battery Damage

The most significant ways to prevent premature ageing of batteries are to avoid depleting charge cycles fully, charging during the right hours, and not exposing the phone to heat. When running a cycle, it is best to keep the battery from draining to zero per cent, as these can cause longevity to shorten. Overnight charging is also not quite recommended despite all the features modern phones have to prevent overflooding the battery. While it might be okay, the heat developed overnight can be detrimental to the overall health of your phone. Heat is never a good thing for devices, as they always have optimal operational temperatures. Exposing them to temperatures too hot or too cold can cause them to receive premature damage. 

Lastly, always use high-quality USB cables and phone chargers, as these will prevent your batteries from wrong power ratings and other fire hazards. Get them from your phone’s manufacturer or a trusted third-party site like Chargasap’s Liberty QI Fast Wireless Charger for top-quality products and ensured safety. 


While wireless chargers still haven’t figured out how to be as efficient as ones that use USB cables directly, they are still very excellent products. The future of phones has limitless potential, and wireless technologies are the catalyst to a newer way to juice up your batteries. 

For the most cutting-edge battery packs and charging products for your mobile devices, Chargeasap has the best technologies for battery health and fast charging available. View our products and select only the best for your smartphones and laptops. 

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