Graphene: The Future of Batteries

Here are three advantages of graphene batteries that you probably didn’t know before
Graphene: The Future of Batteries

Batteries and their technologies have come a long way since their creation. With batteries becoming smaller, more powerful, and more efficient each time, newer technologies are able to arise, especially in the portable and handheld sectors. Your old devices decades ago had large batteries that had limited capacities and were often quite expensive and dangerous at times. Nowadays, you have extremely slim devices that are lightweight and can handle better charges that last longer than they used to.

Not only are these technologies better and more efficient today, but batteries are also smarter now than they ever were. With the wide variety of battery types available on the market, here’s what you will want in one for maximum lifespan throughout the day:

Chemical Compositions Of Batteries

A technology company will normally have their trade secrets as to what makes their devices run. Their software secrets and other technologies are usually strongly guarded, but what we do know about most companies is that their batteries are normally all made of the same thing. Many leading brands place li-po, or lithium polymer batteries in their devices, as these are the most common technologies available. Lithium polymer packs are normally a lithium-ion with special materials added to them.

Graphene Batteries & Why They Are Great

These kinds of battery packs are able to handle more charging without heating up excessively, which is better and safer compared to traditional lithium polymer materials. They also have a smaller internal resistance and improved conductivity compared to their traditional counterparts. Graphene composite on both positive and negative poles further increases this conductivity, as well as unique thermal dissipation properties that remove the need for heat sinks.

How great are these things? Well, Panasonic manufactured these graphene composite batteries to be used especially in the electric vehicle space because of their ability to sustain a charge and not heat up. They are not yet widely used in the fields of mobile technology because of being patented by certain companies.

3 Reasons Why Graphene Batteries Have The Upper Hand

As mentioned above, graphene packs are amazing pieces of technology that have been proven to be improvements over their traditional battery counterparts. Here are three advantages of graphene batteries that you probably didn’t know before:

1. Charging Cycles Are Improved

Compared to the lithium-ion battery charge cycle of 500 charges, graphene-enhanced ones are triple that number at a projected 1500 cycles. If you thought your traditional juice pack was great, you have yet to own a graphene power bank. The best part is that it is expected to last even longer than the two to three-year lifespan.

2. They Are Safer Alternatives

The fact that Panasonic produces these batteries and is confident that they can be used for electric vehicles at high speeds means that these materials have something going for them. You’ve probably heard of phones or vape batteries exploding, or a smartphone’s battery pack ballooning out of the overcharging and heat. These are all very dangerous, as when they burst, they can engulf everything around them in a wild flame.

Graphene has better heat-resistant qualities, which prevents these batteries from heating up excessively and failing. Thanks to its tough nature that is around more than a hundred times stronger than steel, you can count on these products to last.

3. Charging Times Are Reduced Greatly

Think of how electric cars charge a battery that big with just a house charger. You’d think that it would take days to charge a fully-electric car’s battery. It isn’t like that, in fact, it charges in a few hours and can bring you places extremely far away easily.

Charging traditional batteries faster with a charger too strong can lead to damages and even fire hazards.  However, because of the composition of graphene, this allows a quick charge from zero to full without breaking a sweat.


A graphene battery pack is something that will last a long time and give your device a good and safe charge. While this technology is still not widely found or available, the research done with regards to its efficiency and effectiveness has proven amazing things.

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