How Do I Find Out the Chemical Composition of a Battery?

Graphene batteries have been all the rage nowadays, with notably better charging and power capacity qualities than their traditional counterparts.
How Do I Find Out the Chemical Composition of a Battery?

Although a technology company’s battery makeup is a trade secret that rarely sees the light of day, there is no doubt that each company will always make the shift to the best products. While lithium-ion batteries used to be the gold standard for electronics, the long-term use of these yielded different results that were not optimal. 

Graphene batteries have been all the rage nowadays, with notably better charging and power capacity qualities than their traditional counterparts. When the technology industry has some kind of new innovation that can benefit a tech manufacturer’s products, they are surely to be quick to jump into it and try to develop these further. Brands like Panasonic, Huawei, and Samsung have been quite early in the game, dropping money into developing graphene products for their devices, as well as filing patents over their use. 

The Race For A Patent On Graphene

With the whole world now aware of graphene’s amazing qualities, there have been 1,238 known patent applications a few years ago, with the number likely even more than that today. The top three countries competing for a graphene patent are the tech behemoths of the United States, South Korea, and China. China held around almost half of the patents back in that year, which has shown in their constant advancements in the fields of battery development. 

Huawei could have been a strong contender in the graphene race, as they were already quite strong with their Mate20Pro’s charging technology. The Mate20Pro was able to charge 70% of its battery in only 30 minutes, but Huawei eventually fell out of the race to Samsung. 

How To Discover The Chemical Composition Of Your Battery

Finding out what exactly is in your batteries would require you to have a sample size enough to be tested by a battery testing company. A quick search around your area may be able to assist you. This way, you can find out if your battery is an older, traditional battery model, or one of the newer and more developed ones. 

Tests have been run on the 21700 Graphene Battery by Panasonic and has been found that the battery costs less to produce with better power output. The results in the chart below show a large portion of the battery made up of lithium hexafluorophosphate, which is largely present in lithium-ion battery production. Copper is present in all batteries in order to give them the conductive nature, as well as other metals like nickel giving the same effects. Rubber and plastics are present in the battery for insulation, acting as heat sinks in some instances. Polyethylene is used as the physical separator of capacitors on battery models, which makes these safer to use.

Because battery companies keep their battery technology a secret, 3 of the ingredients found on these batteries are undisclosed. However, a quick search will find that one of these three compounds found in batteries is Cobalt. With dozens of ingredients that make batteries as effective as they are now, it is no surprise that technology companies keep it a secret. 

Chargeasap’s Flash Powerbank

Knowing that graphene batteries are some of the strongest we have ever seen, we can’t exactly mod our devices to accept these products. The next best thing is a graphene powerbank. While your smartphone may have a standard battery life using the stock power unit, having a Flash powerbank to charge your battery multiple times a day is a great way to go. 

The Flash powerbank supports fast charging for almost all devices, including the 16” Macbook, as well as a charging output for up to four devices. It can also charge wirelessly if your phone is compatible, as well as your smartwatch if you forget to charge it. 


Graphene batteries have been all the rage recently, and with the race for patents, time will tell who gets to use the technology at its peak form. With safer charges, quicker and more efficient charging, as well as being the size of a traditional battery, you won’t find anything better!

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