How to Keep Your Power Bank Running for Longer

Helpful tips to ensure your battery pack lasts longer and performs better
How to Keep Your Power Bank Running for Longer

Nothing spells bummer like reaching for your power bank, only to realise it’s out of charge. With nothing else to keep your mobile phone from shutting off, you’ll have to make do with whatever percentage you have left. Fortunately, these helpful tips can ensure that your battery pack lasts longer and performs better. 

Tip 1 - Avoid Exposing Your Power Bank to Extreme Temperatures

As temperatures and humidity increases, so does resistance in your power bank. This occurs because resistors release electrical energy in the form of heat. 

Thus, you’ll have to use your power bank differently under varying weather conditions. Under heavy rain, you’re better off leaving your device where it belongs—deep in your pocket or backpack. Protect your power bank from the heat by purchasing a case, which will also keep dust and moisture at bay. 

Tip 2 - Avoid Dropping Your Power Bank

Treat your power bank the way you would another beloved gadget—as something you don’t ever want to drop. While a slip and fall aren’t always avoidable, you can protect your power bank by purchasing a shock-proof case. 

Tip 3 - Use High-Quality USBs

As tempting as a $5 USB charging cable can be, you don’t want to risk wasting currents that will eventually destroy your power bank. Though long USB chargers give you the freedom of movement, they lose a lot of energy due to resistance. 

On the other hand, short cables cut the distance between power bank and gadget. Thus, your device will charge faster. Keep your USB charger length between 6 inches and 1 foot long. 

Tip 4 - Avoid Pass-Through Charging

Most people aren’t fussy about plugging their devices into a power bank that is also plugged into an outlet. Though it may seem as though you’re getting a faster charge, doing this puts too much stress on your power bank, reducing its lifespan. 

Tip 5 - Use Your Power Bank Regularly

While it may appear counterintuitive, using your power bank daily improves its charger life. Letting your device sit idly to gather dust will reduce its ability to hold a charge for long periods. If you aren’t a frequent user, charge and discharge it at least once a month. 

Tip 6 - Purchase an Original Power Bank

If your budget isn’t a problem, refrain from ever purchasing a knock-off power bank. Cheaper power banks will typically work smoothly in the first couple of days or weeks, then suddenly quit working. Because of their short life cycle, you won’t be getting your money’s work. 

Tip 7 - Clean Your Power Bank Regularly

Over time, every electronic device requires a bit of cleaning. If your power bank feels sticky, it could be due to the oil it’s accumulating from your fingers. Wipe down your power bank with a  microfiber cloth—avoid using chemicals. 

Tip 8 - Use Your Device as Intended

Though power banks are relatively straightforward, some will run the risk of using it beyond its capacity. Some power banks have specific port charges, such as 5V and 1A, whereas fast-charging devices function on 5V and 2A. 

If your mobile phone isn’t compatible with fast-charging, you could risk damaging your device. Always purchase a power bank compatible with your gadgets and follow instructions down to the T. 


As a rule of thumb, always read user manuals and safely handle electronic devices to increase battery life and efficiency. Always use your cable and product as intended. 

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