Our Guide to Wireless Charging

Everything you need to know about wireless chargers
Our Guide to Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is one of the most popular innovations of the past decade. People have often felt encumbered by tangles of cables and cords that come with most rechargeable devices. This often leads to cluttered tables and desks, which quickly become an eyesore. Organising them can be quite a time-consuming effort as well, and this has made wireless charging a much-welcomed invention to modern society.

Wireless charging has been around since the late 1800s. It gained mainstream popularity when Apple released its first wireless charging-compatible smartphones, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Since then, wireless charging has become much more accessible and widespread.

What Exactly is Wireless Charging?

As explained in the name, this is a kind of power transfer that is done wirelessly. It utilises electromagnetic induction to supply electricity and power to compatible devices. The most common type of wireless charging is the Qi wireless charging standard, which is used for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

It uses electromagnetic induction to move energy from the charger to a receiver in the back of the phone. The charger employs an induction coil to generate an alternating electromagnetic field, which converts back into electricity that the receiver coil funnels into the phone’s battery.

For this to work, the wireless charger and the device must be correctly aligned on top of each other. It can be oriented in any way as long as the important components are near one another. 

How Do I Wirelessly Charge My Devices?

With wireless charging, no cables are needed to charge your smartphone. All you need is a special mat or tabletop and your wireless charging-compatible phone. By placing your phone face-up on this special device, you’ll immediately begin charging it. The best part about this is that it’s easy and fuss-free, and you won’t have to worry about bringing a cable around. 

Another way to wirelessly charge your phone is by using a case that’s equipped with the feature. These are often noticeable by a bulging rectangular component in the back of the phone case. You’ll be charging your phone wherever you go, and you won’t have to find a socket for it.

Does It Charge Faster?

Many wireless chargers come with fast-charging features that quickly power up your device, like our own Leather QI Fast Wireless Charger. This particular charger is universal and safely charges all wireless charging devices. In fact, it can even charge up to 1.4x faster than regular wireless chargers.

However, wired charging is a faster way to charge smartphones, especially if they use fast-charging technology. Regardless, wireless charging remains a feasible option for supplying much-needed power to devices.

What Should I Know About Wireless Charging? 

Wireless charging comes with many benefits, but there are some concerns about its downsides and how it affects the phones.

Wireless charging is safe for powering up phones. However, most phones do heat up at the back during the process. Smartphones usually heat up when being charged via cable as well, so the difference is usually negligible. If the phone is getting hotter than expected, the problem likely lies with the battery.

The process can only be performed on phones with plastic or glass backing. Many smartphones nowadays have metal backings, so they, unfortunately, cannot utilise wireless technology. Current wireless charging technology may not penetrate thick phone cases as well, but this is highly dependent on the charger as well.


Wireless charging is continuously evolving. It’s an important innovation that has drastically improved the quality of life of many smartphone users, as it eliminated the need for a cable, which easily tangles. One of the biggest benefits of wireless charging is that you don’t need to buy a specific brand to charge your phone. As long as the charger meets the wireless charging standard of your smartphone, it will work perfectly fine.

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