Quick Fixes: 5 Things to Do When a Powerbank Stops Working

What should people do in case external battery failure happens? Here are some ideas.
Quick Fixes: 5 Things to Do When a Powerbank Stops Working

Using external batteries also has a shelf life like most devices. However, the difference is that no screen or monitor states how long the batteries will last. As a result, users may encounter unexpected problems due to a failing external battery.

Although it happens rarely, external battery failure may lead to other problems as the battery packs can’t contain a charge or charge other devices. But what should people do in case external battery failure happens? Here are some ideas.

  1. Check Charging Cables


Charging your devices with an external battery is a convenient way to stay powered up on the go. But it’s essential to ensure that the charging cables connecting the battery to the device are in good working order. A defective cable will affect how a power bank charges or powers devices.


If the cables are damaged or not connected properly, it can lead to problems with charging your device. Therefore, it is also essential to maintain the charging cables to prevent them from overheating or short-circuiting, avoiding more severe problems.


  1. Observe Plugs


The plugs of the external battery are essential for charging devices. It is where people will plug in the power bank to charge the device and charge other devices. Therefore, it is recommended to observe them frequently. If there is any sign of wear, they should be replaced immediately.


Also, the plugs should be cleaned to remove any dirt or dust buildup, as it will ensure that the connection between the device and the power bank is secure and that the device is adequately charged. No debris should enter the plug, preventing it from drawing or discharging power.


  1. Contact Customer Service


If there is a problem with the external battery, it is best to contact customer service immediately. They can help diagnose the issue and provide a solution. Depending on the type of issue, they may be able to provide a replacement or a refund if the time is within the warranty period.


It is important to note that a warranty covers some external batteries, so it is essential to read the warranty information carefully before making a purchase. It will ensure that customers understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to any potential problems.


  1. Notice Light Indicators


Most external batteries come with built-in light indicators to help you detect potential problems. Generally, these light indicators will change colour when the battery is low or when there is an issue. Attention to the light indicators can help you identify issues with your battery before they become a bigger problem.


When your battery’s light indicator turns red, it is low, and you should recharge it as soon as possible. If the light indicator turns green, your battery is fully charged and ready to go. If the light indicator turns yellow, there is an issue with your battery, and you should take it to a service centre to be checked out.


  1. Test Voltage Output


Finally, you should test the voltage output of your battery at least once a year. Trying the output will help you determine if your battery is functioning correctly and providing enough power to your device. However, testing may require users with a multitester.


Start by connecting the multimeter to the battery’s terminals. Then, set the multimeter to measure voltage and turn on the device. The voltage should read between 3 and 4 volts. You may need to replace your battery if it reads lower than 3 volts.




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