Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Power Bank for Travel

One of the most important items in your packing list that you shouldn't forget is a power bank. Here's a list of things you need to consider when you buy a power bank for travel.
Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Power Bank for Travel

When you travel, you'll always have a list of items that you'll need in your carry-on bags so you’ll have a smoother and hassle-free travelling experience. One of the most important things you'll need to carry around is a trusty power bank. 

Many things could go wrong when you explore other countries and cities with a dead phone. First, you won't be able to access digital and online maps to help you roam around the city. Another thing you might miss out on our awesome travel photos because your phone's battery is dead. To deal with this type of situation, having a power bank with you could be a lifesaver. 

If you're travelling soon and you need a power bank, keep reading. Below is a list of things you need to consider when you buy a power bank for travel. Let's get to it!


One of the first factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect power bank is its weight. For travellers with carry-ons, weight is an essential factor because it contributes to the total weight of your luggage that you can take on board with you in the aircraft. Besides that, you should know that some power banks aren't pocket-friendly. 

A heavy power bank can be a hassle, especially if you place it in your pockets since it can weigh you down and bounce around in your pocket when you run. Consider getting a lighter power bank that doesn't compromise battery and safety measures. This way, you'll be able to walk around comfortably without having to worry about managing the weight in your pocket. 


Alongside your power bank's weight is its size. You want to buy a compact power bank that you can easily slide into your pocket, bag or compartments. With a smaller and lighter power bank, you'll be able to fit more items when you travel.

Additionally, having a compact power bank will allow you to explore normally throughout the day because it can easily fit into your pockets. You won't need to worry about carrying a hefty brick along with you during your adventure. 


The last thing you want to consider when finding the best power bank is its design. Although this factor is influenced by your personal preference, choosing the right design is incredibly practical and will impact the user-friendliness of the product.

Power banks in the market today come in different shapes, sizes and thickness. Considering those elements, you want to choose a power bank with a sleek design that can help you travel comfortably by fitting in any compartment you place it in. 

If you're particular about the aesthetics, try getting power banks with rounded edges. This is because it won't only sit comfortably in your hand; it will also give off an exquisite and chic look. Besides that, check out the locations of the charging ports; are they close together? Will it be difficult to plug other cables? These are important questions you need to consider. 

Another part of the design is the colour you choose and the product's finish. Even if we don't want to admit it, aesthetics really matter a lot. Choose a colour that will go well with your overall aesthetics and will blend well with your other gadget and items. Also, make sure that its finish is scratch- and fingerprint-resistant. This way, your power bank will always look impressive and good as new. 

Consider checking out USB-C Graphene 210W Power Bank Powered By Panasonic™ Flash 2.0, which you can find at Chargeasap. This power bank has the perfect size for travel and also comes in four different colours; you'll find the perfect one that fits your personality!


One of the most important items in your packing list that you shouldn't forget is a power bank. Power banks make your life so much easier when you travel because you'll always have your phone and gadgets ready whenever you need help with navigation, need to capture some memories or if you need to contact your travel buddy. Remember these factors and you'll find the perfect power bank for you!

If you're looking for powerful and durable power banks, check out Chargeasap. We are a consumer electronics startup in Sydney that has been creating innovative mobile phone accessories as well as selling high-quality power banks, magnetic charging cables, chargers and more. Check out our products today!

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