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What to Know About USB-C If You Plan to Switch Now

What to Know About USB-C If You Plan to Switch Now

USB-C charging ports are the new tech update everyone is crazy about. This latest generation of phone chargers provides incredible services at a relatively low price. It is known for its fast-charging feature that most regular ports do not have. If you are using Apple’s iPhone charger, a USB-C port can charge your devices three times faster than its regular charger can typically do.

Another impressive thing about this port is that it is becoming a universal charging standard that you can probably charge any device with this type in the next few years or so.

If you are not convinced yet, here is what you should know more about USB-C port:

What are the different USB ports?

Before the birth of the USB-C ports, people have used many different ports in the past. Their connectors range in various sizes, and some of them are mainly used for specific products.

Here are the different cable types:

  • USB-A: has a rectangular connector from 20 years ago or so, which you probably struggled with to get the cable right-side up
  • USB-B: has a squarish connector that is usually used in printers
  • Mini-USB: commonly used for old model digital cameras 
  • Micro-USB: pretty standard that you can find it on wireless headphones, smartphones, and e-readers.
  • Apple-specific: exclusively for Apple products

What is in with USB-C ports?

USB Type-C or USB-C is the newest type of port available in the market, and people love it. It has the following essential features:

  • Symmetrical connector with rounded ends lives on both ends
  • Power charge up to 100 watts
  • Transfer files 20 times faster
  • Universal

Since it has a symmetrical connector, you wouldn’t struggle to put the USB-C cable into the port as there is no right-side up. You can insert the cable in any way you like, and it will fit and connect as it is supposed to be.

What most people love about this is its ability to charge devices and transfer files incredibly fast. You can charge your smartphone nearly two times faster than when using older chargers. A USB-C port can transfer files from external hard drives to laptops or personal computers up to 20 times quicker than using other ports.

How fast can it charge?

These are how fast you can charge different devices with a USB-C cable:

  • iPad Pro: can charge 33 per cent in 30 minutes with 45 watts of power
  • iPhone and Android phones: can charge to 0 to 50 per cent in 30 minutes with 18 watts of power

As mentioned above, a USB-C cable is universal, and you can use it even on charging laptops. However, fast charging does not work in these devices. Even so, this universal feature makes it ideal for travellers or workers who bring laptops anywhere they go.

Another impressive thing about this is you can power up lower-power smartphones with high-watt charges of 45 or 60 meant for laptops.


USB-C ports will sooner or later become more available in all devices in the market. This tech update is a combination of all the things people want in their phone chargers. It charges and transfers files incredibly faster, and it is universal. You can benefit from these features at an affordable price.

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