What You Need to Know About Charging Your Phone Correctly

What You Need to Know About Charging Your Phone Correctly

Managing your mobile phone’s battery life is one of the most important modern-day skills you need to know. It ensures that you can keep using your phone to complete daily tasks, like sending timely text messages and answering business emails. But what exactly do you need to manage your phone’s battery life? 

This article will discuss essential tips to help you manage your mobile phone’s battery life. We will talk about the habits that you need to adhere to and the tools you will need. Take this article as a practical opportunity to complete mobile phone-related tasks and maximise the device’s use.

1. Don’t charge your mobile phone up to 100 per cent 

You may think that you need to keep charging your phone up to 100 all the time to ensure that you can keep using it for a long time, but that is not the case. Mobile phones nowadays have batteries made of lithium-ion, which gradually deteriorates. Constantly changing up to 100 will negatively affect its battery life, and you may need to replace your mobile phone’s battery sooner than expected. 

To maximise your phone’s battery life, charge your phone up to at least 80 per cent, which will keep it running long enough and maintain its health. When you charge your mobile phone, take note of the time and check it frequently to make sure it doesn’t hit 100. 

2. Never charge your mobile phone in front of intense sunlight

You need to be mindful about where you charge your mobile since it can easily become damaged when you leave it to charge in front of intense sunlight. The intense heat damages the internal components, which can cause the battery to overheat and the circuit board to deform. Your phone’s screen may also become unresponsive and pixelated.

The best place to charge your mobile phone is in a well-ventilated, dimly lit room so that you can maintain its good condition and battery life. Be mindful of also using your mobile phone under direct sunlight, as this can also damage it. Either use your phone outside under shade or keep it safe in your bag if you are not using it. 

3. Invest in a high-quality phone charger and graphene power bank

You need to have the best tools to charge your mobile phone effectively. Unfortunately, the phone charger that comes with your phone can become damaged over time, which makes it inefficient for charging. You need to buy a viable replacement and have an on-the-go solution for mobile phone charging. 

For easy charging, find a fast phone charger to ensure convenient and effective charging. We at Chargeasap recommend using a graphene power bank, like this one. It is a cost-effective, convenient choice for charging while in transit. With these tools, you can maintain your phone’s battery life and uninterrupted use. 

4. Remove the phone case while you are charging 

You may be using a mobile phone case to protect it if it falls, and this is a good preventive measure to have. However, it is not recommended to charge your phone while it is in its phone case since it can overheat easily and damage its battery. Before changing, remove the phone case to let it breathe, and then keep the phone in a safe, fall-proof area. 


Phone charging is an essential part of maintaining effective use of your device and maximising your budget. Be sure to adhere to the formerly mentioned tips to enjoy your device and complete your daily tasks conveniently and efficiently. 

Are you in need of highly effective phone chargers and power banks for your mobile phone? Check out our products at Chargeasap, your consumer electronics and mobile phone accessory provider in Sydney. We have a full range of options for your charging needs to help you manage your phone’s battery life effectively. Browse through our site today! 

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