Why Gallium Nitride Chargers Are the Future of Battery Tech

Why Gallium Nitride Chargers Are the Future of Battery Tech

The tech industry is fueled by some of the most intelligent minds working around the clock to provide innovative products and services at increasingly competitive rates. Now, there is new technology in the consumer electronics world that proves to be a viable alternative to silicon-containing electronics. Gallium Nitride, or “GaN” for short, may very well be a start to more efficient chargers and battery packs. Here is more information on GaN and why you should be eyeing them in the near future:

Gallium Nitride will be replacing Silicon very soon

Silicon has been a staple in electronics production since the very beginning. This material has proven to be incredibly useful and reliable when it comes to powering technology, as it is extremely conductive to electricity. Throughout the decades of constant technological innovation has been around, silicon manufacturers have worked extensively to make the material cheaper and more efficient.

Moore’s Law (named after the co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and CEO of Intel, Gordon Moore) states that silicon circuit transistors double every two years. This proved to be the truth for years since 1965, but even Moore himself, along with experts, believes that the law will be obsolete by 2025.

The tech world evolves every year, and manufacturers are always looking for methods to provide affordable devices and services for consumers. Gallium Nitride initially made its approach to consumer electronics in the 1990s being a component to LEDs, as well as in the reading device of Blu-Ray DVD players.

Gallium Nitride is extremely efficient

GaN semiconductors are the new-age solution to silicon, because it not only makes devices smaller, but also entails better power efficiency. The material is said to be capable of conducting electrons one thousand times more efficiently than silicon, coupled with potentially lower manufacturing costs. These semiconductors have faster processing capabilities due to higher bandgap efficiency in a smaller package.

As of now, GaN components are generally more expensive than silicon. This price is sure to change in the near future as, due to its efficiency, there is less reliance on additional parts for circuitry and heatsinks. It is estimated that the lack of need for these traditional components could have savings of 10 to 20 per cent in production, which may increase event further with mass production.

Why you should be excited about Gallium Nitride chargers

If you are a tech enthusiast who spends multiple hours on modern devices, such as smartphones and laptops, you would know the plight of having to charge every so often. Some of these chargers can be bulky, or if they are too small, they charge too slowly. GaN chargers are smaller in size, but transfer currents more efficiently and with less energy lost to heat. This means maximum output from the socket into your device, creating a much faster charge.

Battery packs containing this tech would be significantly smaller compared to the traditional power bricks available on the market, since silicon semiconductors are often bulkier. Other than that, if you spend a lot of time plugged in, you will be pleased to know that you may save on your electricity bill due to less wasted energy per charge. It may not be a significant change, but it helps to know the capabilities of GaN chargers and battery packs!


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