Is Wireless Charging the Future of Charging?

Wireless charging technology has been around for a while, and this could revolutionise how we charge our devices, making them even more convenient and efficient.
wireless charging

With Apple starting the trend of shipping phones with no wall chargers and headphone jacks, it's not a stretch that Apple might be the one to introduce a fully wireless phone. After all, Apple is known for changing how the rest of the industry works.

The good thing is wireless charging technology has been around for a while, and it's becoming increasingly more powerful and efficient. As wireless charging technology continues to improve, most phones and other devices will likely be able to charge wirelessly. This would mean that users would no longer need to carry physical cables and wall chargers.

Wireless Charging Technology Explained

Wireless charging technology works by transferring energy from a transmitter to a receiver. The transmitter is plugged into an electricity source, such as a wall outlet, and emits an electromagnetic field. 

Smartphones equipped with a receiver can convert the energy from the field into electricity, which charges the device. This is similar to traditional charging but without needing physical contact between the device and the charger.

Wireless chargers use the Qi standard, an open-source specification developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. This standard is used by most wireless chargers, including those made by Apple, Samsung, and other major manufacturers.

The Advantages of Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless charging comes with several advantages over the traditional wired method. First, wireless charging technology for smartphones is convenient. With wireless charging, users no longer need to fumble around with cords and wall chargers. They can place their phone on a wireless charging pad or dock, and it will begin charging. This makes it much easier to charge a phone.

Another advantage is that wireless charging technology is more reliable. Wireless charging technology precludes the need for a cable, often the first thing to break or wear out in a wired charging setup.

Wireless charging technology is also safer. Without physical cables and wall chargers, users no longer have to worry about short-circuiting or damaging their devices. 

Lastly, wireless charging is universal. Apple sells its proprietary wireless chargers and MagSafe power banks, but its iPhones will still work with third-party devices as long as they support the Qi standard. This means that users can charge their devices with the same wireless charger regardless of the brand. The same is true with Android devices.

Are There Any Downsides To Wireless Charging?

The main disadvantage of wireless charging technology is that it is slower than traditional wired charging. Wireless charging is typically limited to 5 watts and can take longer to charge a device than a wired charger. In addition, wireless chargers are often more expensive than traditional chargers, making them a less cost-effective option. Wireless charging is often limited to flagship devices, as they are an added cost contributing to a hefty price tag.

Not all devices are equipped with wireless charging capabilities, so users may need to purchase a new device or an adapter to take advantage of wireless charging. But as technology improves, efficiency, accessibility, and price problems are bound to disappear. Wireless charging may be a premium option now, but just like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it's likely to become a standard feature in the near future.


In the future, wireless charging technology will become even more widespread, with phones and other devices able to charge wirelessly from distances of up to several meters. This could revolutionise how we charge our devices, making them even more convenient and efficient.

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