asap Connect 1.5m Magnetic Cable

$16.00 $23.00


ASAP Connect will allow you to connect your phone or USB devices to your cable quickly and seamlessly. The patent-pending magnetic technology coupled with superior materials including rare earth neodymium magnets, 18K gold plated connectors, aluminium shield and nylon braided cables, ASAP Connect will change the way you connect your phone forever.

The item includes:

- 1 x Magnetic Cable 1.5m (4.92ft) 

(Please note this cable is sold separately and does not come with any tips included)

2.4A High Speed Charging Magnetic Cable for iPhone and Android Devices


  • Supports data transfer and tethering for Apple and Android devices
  • 2.4A Maximum Output Charge 
  • Overcharge Protection 
  • High-Temperature Protection 
  • Comes with an international 365 day warranty

Please note:

  • First generation asap Connect is not cross device compatible. 
  • asap X-Connect is backwards compatible with the original asap Connect for micro USB only