Should You Charge a Power Bank Every Day?

Do you frequently utilise a power bank to charge your devices? If so, you may ask yourself if it's perfectly fine to charge it daily.
Powerbank charging a phone

Do you frequently utilise a power bank to charge your devices? If so, you may ask yourself if it's perfectly fine to charge it daily.


What Is a Power Bank?

A power bank is a handy device you can bring anywhere. It has a battery inside that can be plugged into a USB port. Some power banks also have solar panels, which can recharge the battery when the sun is out. This makes it a great way always to have a charged device when needed.


How Do Power Banks Work?

Power banks are incredibly useful for keeping your electronic devices charged on the go. They are small, lightweight, and can store energy in a small space. They can easily charge your devices quickly and conveniently by connecting them with a cable. Furthermore, they often come with multiple ports and even LED lights, making them an even more versatile and practical tool.


How Often Should You Charge Your Power Bank?

The frequency of how often you should charge your power bank depends on the capacity and battery type. Generally, power banks with a capacity of 10000mAh or more should be charged once every two to three months, while power banks with a capacity of less than 10000mAh should be charged once every week or two weeks, and even more often if used frequently. 


As for the battery type, Li-ion batteries should be charged when the battery level drops to 20 per cent, while Li-po batteries should be charged when the battery level drops to 30 per cent.


Why Is It Important To Charge Your Power Bank Regularly?

A power bank is like a personal charger you can take wherever you go. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it, so you need to make sure to keep it charged up so it can keep your devices powered up. A power bank can keep your devices functioning while away from an outlet.


Here are some reasons to charge your power bank regularly:


  • To Keep Your Power Bank in Good Condition

If you don't use your power bank for an extended period, the battery will gradually lose its power. When you finally need to use it, you may discover it doesn't have enough juice to get the job done. To ensure your power bank is functioning at its peak, charge it regularly.


  • To Prolong the Life of the Battery

To extend the life of a lithium-ion battery, it should be regularly charged and discharged. Keeping it topped up with a charge will help ensure that it will last longer than if it's left uncharged for extended periods.


  • To Ensure Safety

It is important to take care of your lithium-ion power bank battery. Regularly charging it can help reduce the risk of a battery malfunction, which could lead to a fire or explosion. By keeping up with your power bank's charging schedule, you can help ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.



It is not recommended to charge a power bank every day. Although it is convenient to have access to a fully charged power bank, it is not necessary to charge it every day, and it can have a detrimental effect on the battery life. It is better to charge the power bank only when needed and not to leave it plugged in for extended periods. It is also important to use a charger that is compatible with the power bank, as using an incompatible charger can also cause damage.


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