The Best Power Bank to Use on a Plane

A power bank can ensure your mobile entertainment won't die out in the middle of your travels. But are power banks allowed on the plane? Find out by reading this article.
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When it comes to flying with all your daily essentials on a plane, it can be tricky to narrow down what you can actually bring in your carry-on.  But one device you should definitely pack for an aeroplane trip is a small power bank to charge your mobile phone on the flight.

Power banks are often slim, rectangular chargers that enable you to recharge your portable devices, like iPhones, Android devices, and tablets, while you’re on the go. Many power banks come with a USB cable so you can plug it directly into your device, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll need to make sure that you’re carrying a separate cable, too. 

A power bank can ensure your mobile entertainment won't die out in the middle of your travels. It’s perfect for long flights and provides you with an extra boost of battery life for your phone when you’re not near a power outlet.

Can You Take Power Bank to the Plane? 

Unlike your laptop or tablet, a power bank can go in a carry-on bag, though you just have to be careful to avoid oversize limits and ensure you're carrying a maximum of two power banks. If you’re in doubt about whether your particular power bank will be permitted on your flight, contact the airline beforehand.

Before you pack your power bank, make sure that the capacity doesn't exceed  100Wh (which is approx. 27000mAh). However, you may have to consult with the airline staff if your power bank ranges between 100 – 160Wh (approx. 27000mAh – 43000mAh), as they may have to check whether the power bank meets the airline's regulations. 

As for anything above 160Wh, those are not allowed to board the aircraft. 

Other Devices You Can Carry on a Plane

Apart from the few devices that are prohibited on aeroplanes, most of your favourite gadgets can go in your carry-on bag. This includes laptops and tablets, of course, but also headphones, e-readers, and even your phone.

If you’re taking a laptop, consider a lightweight one in your bag, because the heavier the laptop, the more it will weigh. It’s also important to keep your laptop in a separate compartment from other items in your bag so it doesn’t get damaged in case of turbulence.

However, you're not allowed to charge your laptop with you on the flight. You can bring batteries like lithium as an addition to your carry-on luggage for other equipment such as a camera, but keep in mind that the voltage should be no more than 12V and 100Wh capacity.

Not to mention, you also need to secure batteries to keep them from short-circuiting. With that in mind, a power bank seems to be the most portable and versatile option for charging your electronic devices.

The Bottom Line: Understanding What Devices You Can Bring on a Plane 

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional vacationer, a power bank can protect you from unexpected disruptions. It’s best to check with your airline to confirm what devices can go with you in your carry-on bag. 

Take into consideration the size of your power bank and make sure to pack a portable power bank charger to ensure you have enough power for the duration of your flight.

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